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1 year ago

This company can鈥檛 spell customer service. They obviously could care less about it. I purchased a new Ram 2500 and when I tried to use their Uconnect app it wouldn鈥檛 allow me to as someone in the dealership had already enrolled someone else in the program. Now I鈥檓 being made to jump through hoops to prove I鈥檓 the rightful owner! Their supervisor was surly and not at all helpful or understanding.


1 year ago

This company and their so called "customer service" is so bad, it makes any other company look good by comparison.
I had a 2016 Dodge Dart which had a recall on the gear shift cable. Because I had already broke down on the road due to this, I had already replaced it. I submitted the required paperwork to (FCA US LLC) for a refund of the repair which they promised. After months of waiting, I finally received a check (sort of) in the mail but it was for over $110.00 less than what the repair cost. If that wasn't bad enough, the post office had destroyed the check by accident and sent only half of it and a lame apology letter.
I then contacted FCA US LLC's customer service phone number as well as email. I explained what happened and sent them photographs of both the letter and the destroyed check. I was told I would get a replacement check in 30 days. Needless to say, that didn't happen. It didn't happen in 60 days either. In fact, I still haven't been reimbursed to this day. All phone calls fell on inept ears and all emails regarding this have been ignored.
I'll never do business with any company they represent ever again. And I feel sorry for anyone who ever faces a need for customer service.


3 years ago

I was leasing a vehicle from a dealership that closed. Now I have to return it and most dealerships do not accept it. I could only find one 50 miles away that will accept it.

Their customer service provided no satisfactory solution and is a mess. Every time I called I got a different response regarding where to return the vehicle and they all turned out to be inaccurate as when I called the dealership they would not accept it anyway.

They do not seem to have any channel to voice your complains. When I asked for it I was told a 'manager' would call me back within 72 hours, which hasn't happened yet.

Very, very disappointing! I'm done with FCA.


4 years ago

My registration and cleaning went on smoothly. The technician was efficient and he did everything that I authorized him to do.What I like is his patience, attitude and know-how. He is terrific.Great job.

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