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1 year ago

I Got an FC Bayern grill from the webshop, but when i opened it alot was missing or broken.
Screws were missing, visible parts were scrarched og some items were broken, and it was clear that the item have been sold before, assembled and then disassemled, and then returned to the Bayern shop, without anyone checking that everything is there and everything is intact, they send it to me, and the costumer service just tell me its sold out now and i can send it back to Them and get a refund. It aint cheap to send that Big items from Denmark…. this is Not the first time i have received broken or faulty items.


5 years ago

First time i buy something on the site and the last for sure…i made an order two weeks ago, they sent me a letter to verify my credit card, then they asked for me to send them a scan of the letter, then there was an issue with my card, then we resolved that one but still my order is "being processed" for a week now and the customer service isn't answering me about delivery timing…They made me lose so much time going through these pointless papers is really pissing me off. Don't buy from them if you want to actually receive your items on time.


5 years ago

They want you to buy something worth 20鈧?or they won't accept you order. RIP..

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