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4 months ago

And now to review the sloppiest of Doctor Umar Johnson And Friends. Doctor Umar Johnson owns this web site also, and the Moyer Academy in Wilmington Deleware. This website is about the renovation and restoration of Moyer Academy. Property Tax says that the owner name is "Douglass Frederick And Garvey" and also "R. B. G. International Leaders". The property tax records show 0 on every thing. They have no tax records on that web site. No indication if the bills are paid, or if any bills were even charged. This makes me wonder if this is a tax exempt school so I searched at the Tax web site. Search just "Douglass" in Wilmington results in: "Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy" on the Publication 78 Data List as a Public Charity 50% Regular Limit, 60% Cash Limit. Doctor Umar Johnson said he did it, and he kept his word. But there are so many trolls that say that the property is being auctioned be cause of unpaid taxes. I searched and got a positive result for preforclosure. I am unable to confirm this information as there are no other tax records. I really doubt that Doctor Umar Johnson will let the school go away. But he is frequently behind on his upgrades. He is too busy with his other work. The only thing I disagree with is when he said they need new H. V. A. C. systems. Yet they look new. Some other information to the people who comment about the big rock: That rock was previously painted with "MOYER" on it. Now that the school campus is being transferred in to the different school, they painted the rock again. They have not replaced the Moyer signs on the buildings. I still support Doctor Umar Johnson based on his other work as a travelling lecturer, home schools, and family advocates. This school will open eventually. If I donated directly to the school, it will be more than most people like to donate. If this school fails, it will not be entirely the fault of Doctor Umar Johnson. It will be the fault of the numerous people that attempt to prevent him from opening the school. On the contrary, there are many people that dump garbage on the property ( This is not a sanitation facility.) simply be cause they hate his lectures. These same people also hate the lectures from Judge Joe Brown. If the nay sayers want the school to open "or else", then stop dumping on it, and instead get together and clean it. One or two men by them selves can not open the school in time.

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Is Fdmgleadershipacademy a scam?
According to the customer reviews, Fdmgleadershipacademy should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

Can I trust Fdmgleadershipacademy?
Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Fdmgleadershipacademy has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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