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3 years ago

You are great. Your program and the he application changed our flying view. My wife scared to fly and with your program the results amazing. Keep do it you help us passing it


5 years ago

I have the only one claim: WHY I HAVE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE??It was not just fear of flight recover but far more. Alex is the best one in this field, besides being an excellent professional who clearly gives facts he is really nice person with individual attention to each client. Thank you for breaking me free! It is really fantastic to understand you can do whatever you want and you can conquer your fear and enjoy life in the moment!



5 years ago

I'm quite anxious personality type. Many phobias and fears. Including aerophobia. Was looking for a solution to this problem , to be able to fly without panic attacks. Thanks to online courses to me EA was a success!
I bought the discs and have watched them! And after 1 day I had a flight! Coincidentally!!!! But it's not a coincidence. I just waited until the end , and on the eve of the flight decided to buy CDs.
At first I looked at the sky, I looked at the plane , I quietly entered on Board, dinner and Breakfast on Board. About it before just couldn't do and out of the question!!!!
Thanks to Alex for his professionalism, attitude, passion for aviation and desire to help aerofoam. It's priceless!
THANK you!!!!


5 years ago

Firstly I cordially want to thank highly qualified specialist, psychologist, pilot and real man, Alex Gervash and his team!!! With theirs help I managed to cope with my strong fear of flying.
I am 鈥? No, I was a really crazy aerophobe, who avoided to fly about 12 years. Only one thought about planes made my heart beat so fast, and with my sick imagination I could very colorful, in all terrible details imagine the airplane crash.
In November of 2014 I took part in 3-days course (theory, theory and flight on the plane simulator with Alex鈥檚 piloting control and real flight) for non-flying persons. I already knew, that my case was complicated and Aerophobia is a real illness, that spoiled my life and life of my close people and that it needed to be cured. It was really hard to work on myself and to try to conquer my fears.
From the beginning Alex told me, that in my case would be better to take part in all 3 days of the course and to finish it with the real flight. He accompanied his group during the flight and explained all the processes, sounds, feelings, which occurred in the plane and with the plane. He tried to support everyone and it helped much!
Now I can鈥檛 say that I have no problems with flights and just can enjoy it and fall sleep peacefully. So am I with my own type of mentality. But since than I made several flights and could gain this freedom again. Of course I must work hardly on myself further and takes time. But the main idea for me was not to enjoy, but to understand process with clear head and not to avoid flights anymore!
Alex tries to understand everyone and to find the right way to every special problem of each person. He supports his graduates after the courses, communicates and answers the questions. When people need help, they know they are not alone with there鈥檚 battle with fears. This is very important.
Thank you for your hard work again, Alex!


5 years ago

Hi folks,
I would like to share with you my experience of interactive course by Alex Gervash. I started to be afraid of flying at 2008 after watching a TV story about plane crash. Since than each coming flight started to be really big problem for me. I experienced panic one or two weeks before flying, I had a lot of sleepless nights. Every time as I planned to book vacation somewhere far away, I was "not very happy about it", lets put it that way. Fear of flying REALLY LIMITED my life and had a big and bad influence on my family as well, since they have to deal with my fearings, panics and so on.
I started to analyse my probles and found several coursed.
So, I came across "Fearless Flying" of Alex Gervash. I book an interactive course and…. it changed my life. I experienced a lot of changes of how I think, how I behave. What was very important for me, that is my problem was taken very personal by Alex, he spent a lot of time talking to me, giving me advices. To be precise, I was really surprised how marvelous it works on me. My first experience of flying after taking this cource was amasing, really. I had no panic, I could eat, drink and talk to other people. And even more, I was flying with my little daughter and I fully controlled myself.
I can only recomend you not to wait long time, just write to Alex Gervash and ask for a help. Be sure, that your life will be different !


5 years ago

I have always been a fearful flyer, only flying when it was totally inevitable. But last 3 years I managed to avoid flying whatsoever. Nevertheless in August I had to fly 9 hour transatlantic flight and was terrified. That's when I found the fearless flying app and bought the lecture about turbulence. It was totally last minute, I had to listen to it while driving to the airport and waiting for check-in. It was a HUGE relief. Turbulence, always being my main concern was not so scary any more. The video made me understand my fears, explained the harmlessness of turbulence in a credible and fun way and made my flight much calmer. I had 4 flights after that one, I still watched the video before each of them, and felt that I enjoy flying more and more. Do yourself a favor, get the course, fight your fears and don't miss out of wonderful opportunities air travel gives you.


5 years ago

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share my experience.
I'm flying a lot and have always had a really bad phobia of being in the air. It's actually pretty hard to emphasise the extend of my fear today, but I've been through it all : blanking out from hyperventilation , thinking my heart would explode , actually finding each landing a miracle , crying through the flight and even hours before the flight, panic attacks …coming up with a million things which could go wrong. And each coming flight would have been an approaching horror.I watched the entire series of National Geographic films and it only cultivated more fear. It was draining overall, this fear was overtaking my daily life, so I started to look for a solution and came across fearless-flying.com
I took Alex's online course. To be honest I didn't believe it would change anything. Well. It did. Before I could never even imagine sleeping through a transatlantic flight waking up at touchdown in the airport, or working on my laptop (before I could never concentrate on work whilst flying), if someone told me I'd be working on my laptop and be simply " annoyed with "bad" turbulence" as the letters become blurry from shaking 🙂 I would think this person is joking.
After taking Alex's course, I started tracking my reactions and control the emotions that they trigger, and the amazing thing is that flying stopped being a constant trauma. More so I really enjoy flying, it's now my personal time when I can see a movie, get some sleep, do some work, take some cool pictures, think about ideas. And this is the point: flying is pretty incredible.
Thanks, Alex!!


5 years ago

Every time I fly – I say thanks to Fearless flying. And will be always grateful to him for the freedom.
I was amazingly afraid to fly. I started feeling horrible on the way to the airport. I preferred to take a train from Moscow to Frankfurt. I was not able to get into the plane and was exported from the boarding area….

I was lucky to find Fearless flying and Alex Gervash. It was my escape. I never thought I could really take two flights per day without any concerns or heavy thoughts.

Now I feel free flying. I feel free. 17 countries, around 50 flights after I got the freedom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


5 years ago

I have been lucky to know Alex Gervash since 2008 when I first met him and became his "patent". Throughout these years I have attended group courses (including flight simulator and a joint flight Moscow-St.Petersburg-Moscow), individual consultations, webinars, seminars, have studied video courses, etc. I can proudly say that I'm honored to have Alex as my friend – he is the best psychotherapist I've ever met, he knows his stuff (being a pilot he combines his aviation knowledge with his therapy), he is always ready to help even if you call/text him in a state of anxiety. He is helping hundreds of people to overcome their fear of flyng and his methodology is of very high quality. I highly recommend to attend Fearless Flying courses to anyone who has flight anxiety.


5 years ago

I was so afraid of flying that it spoiled everything: holidays were a nightmare from the moment we bought plane tickets to the moment we were safely back at home. I tried a lot of things: professional psychologist's help, hypnosis, self-help books, strong medications. Nothing helped. Then I decided to try this course. I didn't actually believe it would do me much good but by this moment I was desperate. In the beginning I was very skeptical: I knew my case was a difficult one and I didn't understand how three days of course can change it. Well, I decided to give it a try, and it worked! I think to try this course was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Now I travel about once a month ( sometimes more often), and it doesn't turn my life into a horror movie any more: I sleep well, I do not think about upcoming flights, I like to be in the airport, I'm able to relax and to eat during the flights. People who have real fear of flying would understand how unbelievable were these simple things to me! If you do have a problem with flying – do not hesitate! It is never to late and it is never to early to take this course. Do not make yourself loose oportunities and pleasures – many of them are only couple of hours of flight away from you!


5 years ago

These classes helped me a lot. Now I can fly freely, but before I could fly for 15 years. Alex Gervash understands each person and finds approach to each. I won claustrophobia and I can live freely!


5 years ago

My life is related with business trips. Previously I had to prepare for every single flight. I had a lot of business trips and the fear of flight made my life terrible. But I've contacted Alex Gervash and after 4 lessons I've learned to fly calm. Nowadays in a flight I'm focused at my thoughts about work, family etc, but not about disasters, fear. Thanks to Alex Gervash for making my flights fearless.


5 years ago

I was flying till i was 35. Every where any weahter or time, even just for week-ends..From Mow to Tokyo and back..many times..)
i remember the point when i broke up very well: that was a routine flight to Tivat i was surrounded by kids and friends. we had kind of a bit strong turbulence for 10 minutes and i realized that it is too dangerous to be on the board. i was looking faces of my friends who were eating, laughing, watching some movies on i-pod and i could not understand why they are so thoughtless ,why they are not in panic as we were in the real danger that time..all these 10 days on the seashore were the torture for me. the anxiaty that i had day-time turned up in endless PA every night. i could sleep for 2-3-4 more nights, how was it possible? i was in the most terrible fear that we had to go back MOW. when i was somehow back (please do not worry i could enter the plane, i was not the first one who took the bike to MOW)) with the time it did not dessapear but was getting stronger: sometimes i was afraid to go to subway, sometimes i was avoiding the elevator and more..even to go outside became the problem) yes it is truth..than thinking that suddenly my fear will dissapear i took tickets and that was the time…2 months before my trip i started to have night PA already! and 3 days before as i could not sleep i took my laptop and just put some stupid combination of words: why i am afraid of flying…and here i was. i found a feedback of one girl in the group "fearless flying".. i was reading almost mine story. words to words..nothing for years, than suddenly the fear came. she even had the worst scenario as her mum saw in her dream that the girl shall die in the plane. uau! even more cool than my case..i started to learn more about the group. by the morning i have seen already all the materials that were in web and as soon as i could i called to the office- fortunately i live in MOW and ordered every thing they have there) the puplic session supposed to start just on the eve of my departure and as i could not wait i started to learn all the materials i bought. when in 2 days i was entering into the class i was already almost the different person) Girls! Aleksey is even more handsome than on CD))! well,..i proved for my self that he exists, he is the pilot he is the Specialist and he is the Professional!!!
when my group was flying to St. Petersbourg with Aleksey, i was flying to Tel-Aviv myself!!! without him. on the back side seats. i had turbulence many time. i f..ed it. and that was me..))!!!! a year and half passed over and i still remember this moment as sth very special for me. did i have fear? i do not think so. i was agited, yes. i was fond of every thing and i was finding the proval of all the things that we were studing every where is the plane. i was so happy that time in that plane. when the pilot came up to the tail where i was sitting i informed him that we had a clear air turbulance. he looked at me like"shall she quit smoking all sorts of rubbish"))
i did not stop with the group and took 5 sessions with its psycologist. i realized that my fear is not realted with the plain but with the facts os my teenager's life when i was in a very unsafed situation in my home. my PA all related with my feelings of that time.
what about now?
more than 12 flights since i passed the study, it is a year and half now. i am able to control PA. only those sho know what PA is can understand my happiness. i feel kind of liberation..
sometimes before flying i still writing to Aleksey but mostly just to share my joy and the fact that i am going to the aiport again. i cannot say that i forgot my fear as i am crazy and have the crazy amigdala))lala)), but i do control PA, i even forgot about them) i understand where my fear starts and i know it is not related with airplanes. i love to be onboard and look at the earth and coulors of the sun. i am developping my left side hemisphere reading about aviation and Aleksey' articles on our web-side. how it helps!!! i love watching his movies when he is flying somewhere and it is always in my head. i am trying to follow his personal advise to try every thing that i am afraid of and i am progressing!) and what is more cool and supporting: Aleksey always stays online for us. he always finds some right words for me.
Lesha, thank you so much!!!! many-many times. from the top of my heard.


5 years ago

Being a business man I flied a lot. China, Japan, Europe, India, Sauth Africa and etc. 聽I can not say that I enjoyed the flights each time, but anyway flying never had been a problem to me. Especially if there was a ground but not the ocean beneath.聽
First case I have faced a problem was just before flying to LA in the States from Moscow. I felt such a strong panic just before the flight that I have almost decided to cancel the trip. At least I visited Aeroflot office to clarify the procedure and losses while returning the tickets. Afterwards the flights even for shorter distances were considered by me as a serious examination of nervous system. And the further the more. I had been seriously being considering to diminish flights to minimum because I had started feel strongly nervouse 24-30 hours before the flight.聽
Meeting with Alexei Gervash has changed my attitude towards this subject dramatically.聽
First of all I understood that my situation was not unique as I had thought before. Second I obtained good scientific knowledge about aviation which really supports me during the flights.聽
Third he trained me special technics for problematic moments during the flight if any.聽
And in the end for the first time in my life I was able to face the roots why I am perfectionist. And this had a very strong positive effect on me. Which I am still transfering to other sphears of life except business.


5 years ago

I became an aerophobe 4 years ago. Before I'd flown quite a lot and then one day I just refused to enter the aircraft. And refused once again after a couple of days. And it didn't matter to me that I'd passed checking in and passport control. After that I was sure that I wouldn't be able to fly again any more.

This summer I passed the group course in Fearless Flying in Moscow. After the course our group flew from Moscow to St.Petersburg with Alex Gervash. It wasn't fearless but I managed to do that. Then Alex gave me a task to fly again on my own within two weeks. I did it though it was still quite frightening. So at that moment I wasn't sure about the result.

And now I can state that it works. In October I had 7 flights, 30 hours in the sky to Philippines and back and I'm happy I could do that. Before the first of these flights I was ready to give up but at that moment I remembered all the things I had been tought at the course and it worked. And I'll be thankful to Alex Gervash and Fearless Flying for the rest of my life. I can fly. I am free and there are no limits. Sometimes I fly with fear but it's not a problem for me anymore. So if you want to get rid of your fears and start flying this is the place where you will be helped. You only have to trust, listen and fulfil. It's the same as if you go to the doctor. So good luck for you and fly!


5 years ago

I had a strong fear of flying for years. Even watching cabin videos brought some nasty experiences. After completing this course I was able to overcome it completely 鈥?in fact I ENJOYED my long flight to Japan, and a part to this enjoyment was the freedom of fear. I strongly recommend this course to every one with fear of flying or other phobias. Besides giving you information on how aviation works and planes fly, it provides some super effective fear control and stress-reduction techniques that can be highly useful even if you don't fly at all. 100% worth it's price, AAA+ experience, highly recommended!
The company behind this product is super nice, support is helpful and I even managed to talk to the founder (an airline pilot) when I had a need.


5 years ago

I am a TVC producer and my work has been always allied with flying.
Since I remember myself I had never feared flying on planes. People who were scared on board caused my sheer surprise. I held their hands and soothed them but I truly could not guess what was wrong with them. Until a couple of years ago I became one of those carefully studying the microscopic facial expressions of the flying attendants, the slightest changes in the noise of the plane engines and stuff like that. ANY turbulence – light or heavy – made my palms wet and my heat beat high. I gained a course FEARLESS FLYING and read/watched interviews of Alexey Gervash, the company specialist, who calmly explained what I felt and what consequences this state of mind could bring further on in my life. He also explained a lot about the plane itself and how it works =) And gradually I notice that my fears started to leave. I know it is a long way ahead. Explanations are just the beginning. They made me see how I came to fear flying and what I can do to fight it. I truly thank guys at FEARLESS FLYING for their efforts and recommend this company to anyone who wants to live life free of any fears!

Lesya Maglyovana
TVC Producer, Moscow


5 years ago

Thanks a lot to Alex and his team!!! After the course I feel comfortable during the flight. And I fly regularly now. It's great to have this freedom!


5 years ago

I took course with Alexey Gervash in 2010, after 20 years of refusing flights . Today I don't have panic fear and I can fly peacefully. The most difficult was to ask for the help, because I thought that nobody would be able to help me. Nowadays my fear has gone and during 5 year I have made a lot of flights, even to New York.
I wish everybody to get rid of this phobia. Elena Prokopenko.


5 years ago

Aerophobia is my problem for a long time. Finally every trip i had intolerable panic attack,because of turbulence,take-off,landing,etc. Recently i've suddenly found courses of Alex Gervash (fearless-flying.com). I bought it,i watched videocourses and did all exercises. So,what can i say… I've changed my mind,i'm flying,panic attack happens rarely. Of course, i have a lot of work for my freedom and my healing. But now i exactly know that airplane is the most secure transport, the reason of panic attack is in my mind,and panic is not so scary, and i'm on the right way. This course doesn't have an analog, and i didn't see something like this. Only one bad affair for me-i'm not ready for paing for group courses with meetings, it's not cheaply.
In general,I'm satisfied. Thanks,Alex for effectiveness and form of presentation.


5 years ago

I used to travel a lot.
But once the fear of flying appeared. It became a real disaster – I cancelled important trips and even my family weekends.

I was very skeptical towards Fearless Flying. Just another training..
But after 2 days with Alexey and his team the miracle happened – now I really enjoy my flights including turbulences, which sounds quite crazy.

This training is not about aviation. For me it was about myself and my own perfectionism. So the positive impact of Fearless Flying is even wider than your ability to fly fearlessly.



5 years ago

I was aero phobic for more than 10 years, and it was just becoming worse and worse. There was no way I could board a plane without alcohol or tranquilizers. It was a nightmare for myself and my family. Two years ago I took three days course by Alexei Gervash. The course included an actual flight from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and back. This was actually my first sober flight for many years. Alexei has taught us about the nature of the aircraft flight and the basics of aviation, and explained everything about aero phobia. I realized that the problem was not aviation, it was actually me! Each next flight I felt better and better. I know now how to fight aero phobia. Alexei maintains contact and keeps monitoring his patients. I constantly participate in different webinars organized by Alexei and his firm. Thanks to Alexei my life has improved so much!


5 years ago

I couldn't fly for about 5 years . my hands trembled at the thought of airplanes! so I bought the course on the disks.
what can I say – only great thanks! after this course I had 21 take off and 21 landing! each time flying was easier and more interesting. So I could look at the window, I saw clouds and stars.
I dont know how it works, but it works!


5 years ago

attended a course. Knowledge increased , which is important to me. Flew with Alex. In flight got answers to some questions that I have left. Alex is a great professional – it is very important!!!!! He helped me a lot!!!!


5 years ago

I became afraid of flying once my daughter came to the world. The only idea, that she won't have me anymore, drove me crazy. Since I'm a musician, my job includes a lot of travels, flights, transatlantic, from Europe to Asia, to Australia… I knew I had to get rid of the fear…Whenever the plane I was sitting in was taking of, I had a panic that it is not gonna make it, my hands were wet, heartbeat was over 150…
I've chosen a videokurs from Alexey Gervash. After 3 lessons I had my first flight again and-a miracle-no fear anymore! I knew exactly what was going on. My husband, who has a flight fear as well, is also much better with solving his problem.
I certainly recommend these courses which can be done both directly and as videoprogram!

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