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4 years ago

We used to be frequent visitors for lunch at The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow.

On our last visit while we were waiting for our order, the guy behind the bar (I think he's the manager) started arguing with a lady about accounts or something… after this died down, he left the bar to put logs on the fire in the other room. When he came back he served me with another drink with all the dirt/soot from the fireplace all over his hands.

When our food did finally arrive, i was served by a young man who had loads of open weeping cold-sores all around his mouth! This is totally unacceptable for anyone with Herpes to be working or waiting in a food environment… don;t they know how contagious Herpes is!!!!

I'm glad to say we have never been back there!!!

A woman died in July 2017 from contracting legionnares desease after staying at The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow. The Hotel had to be shut down whilst extensive works were carried out!! Another person contracted the disease in April 2017, but fortunately they recovered. Well I'm certainly glad we have never been back. I think the writing was on the cards!


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