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3 years ago

Said I had been chosen for a federal grant .

This company called me and said I had been chosen to receive a federal grant. They had a lot of my personal information so I believedon't them. He tells me how awesome it is and will never have to pay the money back. He then instructions me to head to the nearest Walmart to purchase a card worth $250.00 to activate my account then I would be text the information to pick up my grant money, fair to say I never got a text or my money.


3 years ago

Threatening me – swearing and insulting me!

I've gotten the call many times and I answer anytime I can simply to call BS on their scam. Same story every time: US Treasury or some Government department calling to inform you of the grant you've been selected for. Even better, they'll tell you have WON a grant due to a special program.
Today was different. I immediately say, "This is Bulls&*t because I didn't apply for a grant and the government doesn't award them if you don't apply. Please take me off your call list." The Rep got hostile and says, "how do you know you b*$+&, you whore?" I asked if he would take me off his call list and he refused and said he would call me every day, all night long adding that I was also a prostitute now. He claimed I started it by calling him a scammer. We went back and forth for 8 minutes while I asked him to stop harassing me and insulting me and with every response, he escalated and added an insult and more curse words ("You f— your father. You f— your brother."). I was simply asking for the name of his company and if he would take me off his call list and he would only insult me. He gave me the website and when I read the info from the website that contradicted his statements, he cursed at me more. At the end of the call, he said he would come to my house and kick me in my face and then listed my town and address (the address thankfully was incorrect). If you get calls from people like this, download a call recording app and report them.


4 years ago

Proven scam. This is about the 5th time this place has called me

I have played along with this company several times and eventually when I let them know that there a scam company I end up getting cussed out because I have apparently wasted too much of their precious time but the more time I can spend on the phone with them the last time they have to try to scam other people who may fall for it


4 years ago

Gave card number

They called me told me I had to get an I tunes card and put 200 on it to activate my federal Id to get 9,000.

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