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Website & Phone: 1174 N Great Sw Pkwy Grand Prairie 75050 United States

1 year ago

Federal Moving was professional, polite, and fast.Really nice service. Very fast and everything arrived in perfect conditions. Recommended to anyone that needs this type of service. Five stars !!!!!!


1 year ago

Federal Moving Corp is not just another moving company. They are respectful, professional, knowledgeable, affordable and patient. Finding more than one of these characteristics for the average moving company is seldomly seen. Luckily, Federal Moving Corp isn鈥檛 average one bit! Throughout my move I nervously awaited the bad news, where they would say, 鈥渨e accidentally broke something,鈥?or 鈥渙ops, it was dropped鈥?but neither statements were ever made. And nothing along those lines were said.

I was pleasantly surprised with all the precautions that were taken to properly secure my cherished belongings. The movers took pride in properly securing my belongings and in efficiently transporting my things to my new residence without any discrepancies. Everything made it in one piece, exactly the way they found it. This was a productive move and changed my overall perception of how I see moving companies as a whole. I actually wouldn鈥檛 mind hiring them again.

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