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6 months ago

This is absolutely the worse company I have ever worked with. I'd give them zero stars if that was an option. They don't deserve the one star I was forced to give. DO NOT, under any circumstances, PAY FOR PRIORITY delivery. They will take your money and then not deliver, using covid19 as an excuse. I spent an hour and a half on the phone, trying to get them to call the station manager so I could pick up my package. The package went on the truck at 10am (the station is 20 minutes from my house). At 6:30pm, the driver had the audacity to say no one was available to take delivery, which was a bald faced lie. There are 5 people in this house, who never left today, waiting for this package. We took turns sitting in the bay window, watching for the truck. The truck never came on our street, much less to our house. I had paid for Priority and had been promised delivery before noon. Obviously, that never happened and now they can't guarantee I'll get my package tomorrow. DO NOT USE this company. I could have gotten in my car and driven to Florida to pick up the package quicker than FedEx can deliver. Worst of all, they don't care. I can deal with lazy employees, but I can not tolerate liars. They are thieves as well, since they are still selling the "Priority" option, knowing full well they can not deliver on time. Dishonesty is unforgivable. I wrote this review last night. I still have not received my priority package promised before noon yesterday. It is already noon today.

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According to the customer reviews, should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

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Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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