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1 year ago

My mother bought me a jacket from this website. The jacket, online, was gorgeous. Simply stunning. But the jacket I received was a joke. The fabric was very thin, cheap polyester. Online, it looked to have embroidery, but it was only poorly printed on the fabric. The fit was atrocious, and even the print didn't look the same as online. The jacket wasn't all that cheap, either. It was $30. Had it been legit, the price would've been decent. But for a piece of garbage, it's even more angering. I do hope this company will be put out of business very soon.


1 year ago

Terrible, no customer service and doesn't ship the things they're supposed to. A real scam, don't buy from them.


1 year ago

it's a scam. you never get your goods.


1 year ago

Fraud and bogus. Ordered jacket and paid for expedited shipping. 13 days estimated delivery and its been over 20. Email bounced back and no way to track or communicate. Company used to be Maggiemood and after so many bad reviews they changed their name.
I paid with Paypal and will be going through them to try and get my money back!
Horrible scam. They advertise on Facebook and I鈥檒l be contacting them to report this fraudulent site.
Horrible. Never use them!

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