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Website & Phone: 231 Rue Saint-Honor茅 Paris 75001 France

11 months ago

Having ordered from many companies selling similar complete meals (Saturo, Huel, Ambronite, Satislent etc) I was expecting good things from this product (given that it is one of the most expensive ones and reviews of the taste were really good).

While the products are fine the service is really really bad.

Once I had placed my order there showed in the order a free gift. I asked what this would be and was told it would be a free snack bar. So far so good.

A day later their website changed and all the order history removed so I couldn't see the order details.

On asking on how I could track my order I was given 2 different responses with 2 different tracking numbers. Neither which worked. When I contacted support they said they couldn't track my order either and that they would get back to me later (which they didn't).

By a miracle the order arrived eventually but without the free gift or the shaker (which I had paid for). On contacting support I was told they had run out of shakers (would have been nice to be told this in advance as i'm sure a lot of people ordering won't already have one). The customer service rep then hung up before I could ask another question.

I'm sure the product is fine but for the price against the service I would never use the company again until I saw that there had been a significant improvement in service.

Would recommend everyone sticks to the other companies that offer similar products as a much lower cost with exceptional service.

Also on another note their refer a friend codes don't work so I couldn't even get that discount on my order.


1 year ago

Their website is full of false promises.

I ordered from this company as a switch from Huel and they have let me down from the off.

* Despatch within 24 hours of order – after speaking to them on Live Chat this can actually take numerous days.
* Delivery within 3-5 days – this is three to five working days on top of the 2 to five days to send the items out.

When questioned about why this information is incorrect no answer was provided. No resolve was offered to address these issues.

I'll be reporting them to the European Advertising Standards Alliance.

After asking for a refund they refused to provide any proof a refund had actually been processed.

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