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1 year ago

The Cloud Stepper Sandal provides balance and are comfortable, stylish and affordable. No photo. I don't know how to do this part.


2 years ago

I ordered earring backs and recieved a hair thickener and mojo oil. There is conveniently no way to contact customer service by email so I could add a picture of the wrong items. I called the number and was told (in halting English) that I needed to return the items and pay the postage on the return. When the return was received they would then ship the items I had actually ordered. I objected to paying he return postage when this was entirely their mistake and was told if I enclosed the postage receipt they would credit my card for that charge. Still it will require at least an hour of my time to process this and I am completely unsure if I will ever see the items I ordered. What a dinosaur of a company. Never again!!!

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