Feet Relief

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Website & Phone:
888 671 8027

1 year ago

It took 9 months for a refund. The owner was genuinely nice when I spoke with him, but it took three or four emails to finally get my refund. It may have been a one off. I hope it was because he seems like a good guy.


10 years ago

Excellent selection of shoes, inserts, and insoles. Lots of varieties of shoes for those with feet problems and those without!

If you have a shoe/foot problem there are tons of options available through this site. The prices are very reasonable for the items – still expensive for the specialty stuff, but less expensive than usual. I had to go to a specialty store and get measured for some insoles — $78 for one pair in the store. I found the exact same brand, style, size for $38 at feet relief.

Excellent products, fast shipping, and good customer service.

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