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2 years ago

Seems ok by the look of the site only, but the rest is going to have to remain open. The selection of shoes is far from exhaustive; ten or so in each of the categories, and I suppose you need to live in India to appreciate that all of them except a few go-ahead types have the same pointy toe look. There are a couple of leather items, but the rest are the same canvas and plastic rubber stuff you see everywhere, both with brand names and otherwise.

The site is user friendly enough, but not designed well for phones, or for customers outside India, as the prices are all in rupee denominations with no change-over table.

There isn't any connection I can find with the lookalike Feet Crown LLP, which is also Indian, and seems much larger as there's a lot to be found on the internet, where there is only this one site for this company.

I would wait and watch for awhile unless you feel adventurous.


2 years ago

Really good site to order from. .


2 years ago

Site Jabber user Subal S. has requested a review of his site Feetcrown. I am happy to do that.
My main feedback on your site would be that you should offer currency conversions for your products. I'm assuming that's the conversion in India but when Americans or people in other countries wish to use your shop, they wanna see the prices in their currency. So you should add options to view prices in USD, GBP, EUR, etc. Also your site is kind of buggy. When I click on a product, it starts showing me locations but it looks weird and also lags. My suggestion would be to figure out what this is and try and fix it. It's not a big deal. It could be a problem on my end, too. But if other users have the same problem, they could be turned off by it. The last thing you want is your customers to go elsewhere.
I did not buy anything so I can't necessarily dictate the quality of the products I got from there. I'm just looking at the security of your site and the initial appearance of it. Because this is what attracts your customers. If your site is too hard to use, you will lose the customers and they will go find another place to shop. So be mindful of this.

Hope this helps, Subal! 🙂

Is Feetcrown legit or scam? Can I trust Feetcrown?

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