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3 years ago

Did not receive my loan or collateral money back

I was approved for a $3000 loan, because my credit was bad they asked I send $450 through western union, which I did, then I was told I would need to send another $400, stupidly I did it again. I was then asked to send another $200,I did not send anymore and asked to have my money returned, I spoke with someone in management and was told by 1 person not to send anymore that he would take care of everything and that I'd receive my loan on July 18, when I called on the 18th another person told me they found a new lender and that I'd get my loan and that the lender did not require collateral so I'd get the money I'd sent plus the $3000 but I'd have to send a $250 processing fee! I told them I just wanted my money back, they said I'd have to wait 30 business days


3 years ago

I was looking around for a personal loan. I have bad credit most wouldn't approve me. They called me said I was approved for 5,000 and I had to either have a co signer or pay a collateral payment of 450 which is counted as the first three month of payments. They said it will be 150 monthly. They sent out what looked like legitimate legal documents. I signed everything and faxed them it. After I sent the payment they vanished.


3 years ago

Asked forr more colateral after I sent them the original amount

I was approved for a collateral loan for $3,000. The collateral was $450 (5 of the monthly payments) which would be put towards the loan. After I sent the $450, the loan was to be put into my account. When I called to let her know the money was sent, she said the lender wanted another $450 because my credit had lowered. So I sent it. Then she tells me I need to buy insurance for another $400. That's when I realized what was going on. I did not send the money and canceled the loan. I was told I would be refunded the whole $900 but have only talked to the refund dept once. Now they don't call back.


3 years ago

We were told that if we made the first payments totaling 1000$ the loan would be placed in our account with in the hour. Two days later we can't get anyone to help us.

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