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1 year ago

As an obstetrician I can list a number of problems with these types of products;

1.They can't clear a blockage without damaging the ciliated columnar epithelial cells (these are the tiny structures in the fallopian tube that waft the fertilized egg towards the uterus for implantation).
2. They say to leave the tampon in for 24 hours. This can lead to toxic shock syndrome.
3. These "herbs" can upset the natural ph balance, creating an environment that is not conducive to conception
4. "Natural" products are not regulated, tested or inspected in any way. You have no idea what you are putting into your body.
5. For the same price ($600) you can go to your physician for an oil based tubal flush, done under the supervision and with the support of a trained medical team.
6. There is no scientific evidence that these products produce any results.


3 years ago

This company offers a herbal cleanse for the female organs for those trying to get pregnant but maybe have blocked tubes or have endometriosis or other issues that they claim they can heal. On any of their reviews or website they do not list the ingredients who wants to put a herbal tampon in your vagina not knowing whats in it pretty personal when I emailed and asked them their ingredients and told them my concern they said I would have to trust them and go on faith and try it !they do not list their ingredients they did not say why. I inquired again asking for the ingredients and was talk down to ,was in a wishy-washy way told I was a control freak and had to just have faith and trust them. I read the reviews theyre pretty wishy-washy too ,one lady said she had been using the herbal tampons for two weeks and after having sex with her husband her husbands penis was bleeding!!!!The faith I go on is in myself knowing when something doesnt sound right if I have a bad feeling about something my intuition is trying to tell me something ladies follow your gut feeling on this if it doesnt sound right dont do it. Im thinking this might possibly be illegal its certainly unprofessional Legally and professionally you do need to list the ingredients if this is a medical thing this is a herbal tampons that inserts into the vagina you would think professionally and legally they would need to tell you exactly whats in there due to allergies or anything else. Have fath and trust in your intuition and keep looking for another legal and professional cleanse.

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Is Felopio a scam?
According to the customer reviews, Felopio should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

Can I trust Felopio?
Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Felopio has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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