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5 years ago

Administrator Alex Hammer runs ads on Craigslist and Indeed looking for writers claiming to pay $50-60K. When you respond to the ad, he offers a trial period (unpaid, of course) for you to prove yourself as a writer. The trial is 20 articles of 500-700 words each.

When I completed this, he offered me an editor position making $75K where I would hire 20 writers under me who would all have to complete the trial period. However, when I pressed for a contract and company information, he repeatedly refused to acknowledge it. When I refused to do anymore work for him and when I told him to have no further contact with me, he continued to email me daily harassing me. I've reported him to Craigslist and my internet provider's fraud department.

This is an update to my review. I just received an email from him at [email protected] that links back to femalehealthhelpinfo.com. He apparently is spreading his wings.

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