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2 years ago

The items from the store are nice and appear to be of good quality. However, the customer service is appalling!
I have sent many e-mails requesting advice and help with the use and placement of their 鈥榗ures鈥?and have not received a single reply! Really not the sort of service which is acceptable from a company who are selling items that need to be placed exactly in the correct position or way. The instructions sent with the goods are too minimal for exact placement and other questions are not answered on paperwork sent.
On the website we are told items from one year may be used in the next but then elsewhere on the site this is a no-no so clarification is needed. But no response to any requests for help have been sent. Very disappointing and unsatisfactory.
I will not be using this store again due to the lack of customer service.


4 years ago

I made an order of an iem for a present the 28th December , it should take no more than 2-4 days for processing the order plus 3-4 days to arrive home (according to the website). The days passed by and I sent an email to know if there was a problem. I was very surprised when the CS replies the 2nd January. They told me that they were on Christmas holidays and my order would be processed the next day. Days later, I saw that my order shipped the 4rth January. So I counted on having the present by so far the 9th of January. But know what? My item was lost in the middle of nowhere and although i sent them a lot of emails complaining about this delay ( I paid almost 7鈧?for shipping+ taxes), they kept their hands off telling me they did not know nothing. I did a claim through Paypal telling them about this and yesterday, I received an email from the company telling me that I should have asked my mailing company about my package ,anyway, they would ask the mailing of my country, I told them that as a customer, I have to receive my package and they make sure it arrives and, asked them for a discount anyway or if my package did not arrive tomorrow, at the latest, I would level up my complain in paypal. Today,16 th January, has arrived my packageat the mailing company but not my home and I am still angry because it was a present and it is a week late and they have not replied to my request of the returning of the shipping money. Still I am thinking to complain about the delay and awful CS.

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