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4 months ago

The farm provides an essential part of research if you are looking into or really wanting a fennec fox. It's a wealth of information from it's life in the wild, to diet and cate in captivity. It gives you a great sense of the true financial obligations and what you need to provide as a responsible owner to have a happy and healthy fox.


4 months ago

Coincidentally, I found this Julie Mahler book from their shop, 鈥楩ennec Fox as a Pet: The Complete Owner鈥檚 Guide鈥?just after I finished watching a Nat Geo Wild show about the Fennec Fox and wondering if these cute animals could be kept as pets.it was so helpful to me in their adaptations since i just recently move in to my new place


4 months ago

I like this breeders, they were so helpful and patient with us in chosen the perfect family pet and the reason we are having our baby bunny

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