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1 year ago

BEWARE OF HOTEL FENSON. These are crooked people! They set up foreigners! One of the worst places ever! Evil staff. Owners girlfriend is a foul mouth ex bargirl prostitute.Now Mamasan that runs the hotel.
First thing when you get to this hotel it looks like a cross between a rundown dirty wharehouse and a prison.With a old rusty chained up gate. Many cameras and a Fat little bastard guard with a baton and cocky attitude. By they way they lock you in or out after 12 midnight put chain on gate. So you really feel like a prisoner. Basically have to wake the night guard and bribe to open gate. Which is a huge fire hazard among so many other violations.
Photos online are old and very outdated. Those post that you see have to be be hotel owners and people affilated with the hotels. Which is what many hotels , buisness do anyway. Its supposed to be for family and adults. But you really shouldnt have both. They run prostitution from bar and hang around pool and small lobby. They have a pool bar with seats inside pool. But allow native kids to run and jump do monkey flips into pool while your drinking. Splashing water in cocktail drinks. Drinks are not cheap by the way.I had complained about it
But the girl said so it dont madder Its not alow the drink to the pool when u swim. Her native so called English.Wtf! So she serves in pool wet bar. Now saying cant sit and drink in pool? Insane! Later discovered the boy was related to them.
I gave them laundry to do plus more for express same day.specifically told them to be careful with clothes do not use bleach. Promised me will be ok no problem. Then later went to get laundry. They said bukas. I said bakit bukas (why tomorrow) No not bukus I pd extra for same day. Then desk girl Joey lied said raining no dryer. Then laundry girl Jhasmine said yes we have I put clothes in dryer. So i scolded them. Later I got back clothes and guess what..my very expensive tailored red pin stripped tuxedo pants got bleached! And they removed satin buttons Also pair of sons socks bleached.Denied they did it. Housekeeping Jasmine said laundry girl Virgie showed her what she did.There jeepney driver also knows they did it .The little fat security guard laughed about it.  Manager mamasan owners girlfriend denied responsibility. Also Claimed was already like that.
She stated even if, Foreigners must understand we will not be held responsible.
I scolded her told her, she's basically full of it. Had 8 staff with her. Told her Like I will wear brand new pants bleached then give to them to wash. They wouldnt pay for it nor discount anything not even the laundry. She said you dont like you go back your country!
That early morning fellow foreigners an American and one French were yelling to be let in the hotel. But Joey and Owners girlfriend denied them back in. Said they were drunk and late. They told them to come back 8am get there belongings in room or will throw out in street after arguing.
Then on way out Virgie ,houseboy blamed us for a Bathroom toilet hose leak said to pay it. Desk girl Joey. Said there policy is if hotel guest dont report problems faucet, toilet leaks,Aircon problems, fuzzy TV screen,wet floor etc.They have to charge for it off deposit. If more than deposit must pay additional.
Wtf! So scandalous So walked out while security followed all the way to st demanding to pay it. Pulled us off 2 trikes with his baton.Scumbag.
Stay clear of this $#*!ty hotel and the savage crooks here!

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