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4 months ago

After becoming licensed as an insurance agent in Northern Ca.an employee of FE Quotes, that calls himself Larry (I later found out that an associate in the industry found out that Larry is not his given name) "friended" me on FB. He then said he would be able to get me a discount of their advertised website prices. I initially ordered 30 leads that started coming in batches. After two weeks of the initial order not being fulfilled I requested a refund of the remaining leads. Larry then sent me 12 more and instructed me to call these additional leads. I again asked for a refund of the still unfulfilled order from Larry and then the company owner Samson Smith who assured me my refund would be processed – it was not. Not only was my order never completely fulfilled but I was also sent leads out of the requested area as well. I cannot recommend this company based off of it's service and quality of leads

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