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11 months ago

I was banned because I told a staff member while planning out a character for Sky Clan that I didn't see why people could just not read my thread. They told me that warrior cats does not abuse kittens or commit murder, nor do they allow breeders and slaves but this was just background for my character. Yet I have seen people within the blood clan board be cannibals and kill and/or torture cats of other boards just to prove their 'loyalty' to blood clan and get their blood oath taken. I was banned due to reacting negatively to a staff member and then was banned for ban dodging and I know it was someone within one of the Agrelos threads because they were the only ones who knew about my unicorn character I had made an account for. They do not answer your emails and they just ban you permanently without question. Don't waste your time because the people there are not supportive at all, staff or members.


3 years ago

Do NOT contribute your time or money to FeralFront. Permanent bans will be issued out like lollipops to a doctor's visit simply by having spoke with someone who received a ban on their account; this easily means that your time and money put into the website will be gone in an instant if you consort with someone who got a sketchy ban with no reason given or context for any potential rules violated. I had sent four emails to FeralFront over the course of three days asking for an explanation of my permanent ban that came with the vague message "You have been banned" and still have no received any reply back. Please seek a different option that is not FeralFront.


4 years ago

I've used this site for a while now (ever since it was warriorcatsrpg.com and featured a bright green background), and as of a couple years ago, I cannot say that I would recommend it.

There are a metric ton of problems with this site, so if you don't like to read, then, well, you're looking at the wrong website anyway.

Probably most subtle and dire with this site's issues is a lack of transparency on part of the staff. I can recall staff announcing at least once that the site was in urgent need of money for its hosting cost, run short just for that month. The ultimatum was nothing; the owner would miraculously pay out of pocket the "difference" should it arise. What I don't recall about the event was a receipt being posted for the payment – staff could just as easily taken the money from its userbase (intended to be CHILDREN, mind you), and used it for hell-if-I-care.

If you think somebody would have pointed out the problem with that, you'd be only half correct, because administration for this site is just as shady. The most ready proof of this is that staff enforce a set of rules completely unwritten in the rules directory (I can name three easily: No "mini-modding," where a for lack of a better word mundane user tries to take the role of a moderator, even if it means just reminding somebody that a rule exists and nothing else; No mixing Outside-of-character and Inside-of-character perspectives; No talking about bans).

If that last one seems odd to you, good, because it justifies a very special paranoia about expressing opinions on this site. Whereas in most forums, bans are public and used as displays for behavior NOT to commit, staff in feralfront are discrete about any ban short of a lifetime. The entire thing is akin to how the KGB operates; you can disappear from the forum at any time for seemingly any reason, and nobody is any the wiser, thinking you just got bored with pretending to go hunting as a Mary Sue kitty cat. This is a royal disgrace considering how blatant they are about asking for donations – it's not unlikely nor implausible for the website to take your money, then ban you for a month over some offhanded comment that breaking one of the unwritten rules. This is probably done to ensure that chaos doesn't break from key players of certain groups getting banned, to ensure the playerbase doesn't leave over seeing the silly reasons that people can get banned, and/or hide how staff seem to pass bans around like candy. It's outright disrespectful; almost no regard is shown to the userbase from the administration except when one of the public faces needs to make an impersonal address to the site or when one of the staff is dealing with a pet group of hers. The site's developer is probably the main exception to this, but he/she is just one person.

You're probably thinking one of two things, either you've already decided to find somewhere else to waste your time and/or practice writing and you're just reading this for entertainment or you think you'll just stay out of site and enjoy the community. Well, I've got more bad news for you.

When you remember that the site was originally, and still pays homage to, its roots as a roleplay site based off of Warriors book series, you're in for a treat when you go into battle and some pink glittery mountain lion that morphs into a hydra-dragon teleports right above you and firebends you to death. That was painful to type, but sans the pink glitter (most players would rather just do edgy black with bright accents) that description is pretty accurate for seven too many characters you'll run into. This is thanks in part to a broken and rather unnecessary power system which pretty much makes the whole point of roleplaying as a wild animal moot. Everywhere you go you'll run into someone that purchased with forum-money the ability to mess your face up with little to no way of you hurting them. Even if your character has, within some rather well-written threads, learned the art of warfare from some ancient guru in some tangible credible backstory, out of every five characters you see in a battle thread two of them will be (by decree of their players), direct or kin of deities or some other supernatural ageless Mary Sue species, one character shamelessly ripped off from some other franchise (usually a flavor of the week like Star Wars Episode 7 or some TV drama you've never heard about), one character built for compensation (complete with being either a wolf and/or big cat and because lol and the magical ability to dodge everything because some people miss the point), and one character with little to no powers that you end up sparing against because it's there.

This quickly gets annoying as you see the first three archetypes, along with the generic sociopath edgy character that can't feel guilt and or pain/is "insane"/has necrophilia or whatever compose of 90% of the characters you see. Even if your character is a pacifist that avoids fighting, you'll still have the pleasure of reading some (no doubt) preteens try to out-edge each other by pretending to be unlikable potty mouths. For added pleasure, this is the whole point of one of the site's most active groups.

Perhaps it's not so bad, really, as species don't really come into play for roleplays of everyday life. No, really, they don't. When threads aren't being created by members just to prove how "awesome"/sadistic their special snowflakes are, everyone might as well be a human; you'll have people that expect you to believe that their cats can hold swords, can craft robots, and, (and I know this is outright going to make some people mad for different reasons), undergo gender reassignment surgery.

A lot of the site's userbase cross pollinates with Tumblr, thus you'll find a bunch of human identity traits projected upon animals that have no business in social justice. As silly as it is, YOU'LL be in the wrong in the eyes of staff for questioning why apparently there's a doctor running around talking to forest animals and turning their genitals inside out because you're "implying that transexualism is unnatural" or something.

When you stop to question, then, who actually thinks such things would even occur out in caves and trees, the site's community becomes rather uncomfortably unfocused. You have children that enter this site expecting to pretend to be wildcats in some clean, burly fun mixed in with people often teenaged or even young adult aged pretending to torture, murder, and rape regardless. So long as it isn't extraordinarily gruesome or anti-LGBT, members can sneak in some rather sick content throughout their posts. I'll give you an example: during a site-wide selfie week (members would change their avatars to that of a selfie of themselves), one member, a young man in what looked to be his mid-twenties, used a self-insert character to rape a character belonging to a 16 year old girl. Let me repeat for emphasis in case you somehow think this is salvageable or acceptable: a man used a character meant to fulfill his fantasies of power and dominance described to a 16 year old girl, while able to constantly look at her image, a scenario where he was keeping her chained in a dark, stone confine (like a cellar), physically beat her, impregnated her, then left her in his captivity. Somehow that disturbed me more than reading a thread about someone skinning a non-player-character alive. You know, just like the books. I think that happened right between when a cat took a dump in the middle of the woods and when another one ate a mouse.

The site also has an art trading section for forum-money, which is sort of cool because unlike Deviantart and Tumblr you can fork over forum-money instead of real money for commissions. Just don't expect a lot of quality without paying out the butt.

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