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1 month ago

Great website, I found it on the internet and now I watch all the movies that I have been missing. Cool to see those guys done such a big job that is so highly estimated.


7 years ago

So much interesting to read about ONLY good movies. Marilyn Ferdinand and Roderick Health have made wonderful website:)


10 years ago

I will admit I am not normally drawn to movies that have much substance to them, but I took a look at this website after reading a profile and maybe I have been missing out on some great films. I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion since he was on Buffy and Serenity and saw a review of the film Trucker on the site. It was an extremely well written review and drew me in….definitely will put this movie in my netflix queue. I will be coming back to this site for movie recommendations.


10 years ago

Found this website here on sitejabber and Ferdy does an outstanding job of reviewing films…she even has a loving quote from Roger Ebert himself about this film blog. If you are into films, I would recommend bookmarking this site and taking a look at it. Ferdy wrote a great review on The Rapture, which I completely agreed with. I look foward to reading her future reviews.

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