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3 months ago

This company is a scam.

My own experience, you pay them to trade for you, they make it look big and that you earn a lot of money, they even made the trade days go 2 days longer than promised, well, its nice cause it meen more money.

Then the problem come, they put an upgrade to your account, in the terms and conditions, it do not mention anything about and upgrade, i know that when you need an upgrade, it would most likely be the same price, well, its not, it was 3 different prices for 2 other people as was in this company and my self.

So they give the 2 extra days to give you this upgrade, then they say that its a free periode (i check there terms again, i even get to check there licenses as the public can se, and it never mention anything about a free periode/trial, and when you ask where it says there is a free periode ore anything about the upgrade, they getting made and sending movies about people say its a good company, but if you listen to normal people, you know its not told that professional as they do, no breaks, no thinking, only looking straight in the cam, and if anyone want profe, just tell me and i send you the videos) you had and now you have to upgrade, it could make sence, just not when 1 of my friends only have been in the buissenes for 2 days, so clear as day its a scam.

Now the problems come, cause you dont wanna pay the upgrade, cause you also have to pay to the website, and the people as getting you startet want money too, but when you say you do not wanna pay the upgrade, they getting rude, they telling you "pay the fu…. upgrade, and invest your money again", they keep telling you to pay the upgrade, even after saying no 15 times to both Terry and Justin, they keep telling you to pay and everytime you say no, they getting like babies and getting rude.

I can only recomand people to stay far away from this website, and i have put up in a lot of websites about it, cause no one deserve to be scam like they try to do, so stay safe and take care.


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Is Fergodex a scam?
According to the customer reviews, Fergodex should be avoided in any dealings and transactions.

Can I trust Fergodex?
Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Fergodex has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness.

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