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3 years ago

On the 28th of februar 2017 we finished our tour with Fernando Tours. This has been a really sad experience. We really had been looking forward to our trip. Especially because we had heard so much good about Fernando Tours. We only write this review to tell everyone about our experience.

We had many problems with our first driver. Especially because he left us two nights in a row where we had to use tuktuks to get out for dinner and back to our hotel in Kandy. Furthermore we spend a lot of time trying to solve this problem not to mention the fact that he forgot the agreed child seat which meant that we had to start driving in the opposite direction of Kandy. The driver did not have the slightest idea about our Fernando-itenary and he even gave us a lot of false informations about opening hours etc. Very unfortuntate and very disappointing.

All this was a very confusing beginning of our holiday. But then we suddently got a new driver and things got even worse. First of all he was an hour late the first day were we had an appointment. When he finally came he drove in the oposite direction of our destination and ended up taking an extremely long detour durring rushhour.

Our new driver was completely silent durring the drives. He never ever spoke to us to hear how we where doing nor did he at any time help us with our luggage. He just sat in his car looking at his telephone. We really felt that he was not interested in us at all and that he just wanted us to leave. We tried to make contact several times by asking questions about your beautiful country, your culture, your language etc. but the only answer we got was just yes/no. In the end we stopped trying because of the lack of effect. For example we several times saw a turtle and a snake crossing the road. Any other driver would have Users this oportunity to talk to his customer!!!

We also experienced that you driver was not in the car when we got back from lunch etc. We had to call him to make him come back to us. This was really anoying – Especially one time were he left us standing in the rain. Shihan was also very anoyed that we did not have a Sri Lankan mobile number he could call. Why should we by any means invest in this???

At several hotels we had booked drivers accomodation for our driver. Everytime we arrived there were problems concerning this matter. Our driver was never satisfied. At our hotel in Ella he once again was not satisfied so he choosed without our acceptance to book another hotel that we had to pay for!!! How can this be and is this something you can accept??? When we confronted him about this matter he got really really angry and our 5 year old daughter got a bit scared about the whole situation!!! This is simply not good enough.
When we gave our driver the money (USD 10) he did not even say thank you. He was very upset and did not talt to us at all for 2 days – not even a good morning!!

Our driver drove extremely fast – almost hazardous. Especially in the mountains. This was very unpleasant for both us and our daughter. All together with the fact that he so often was on the phone or teksting while driving. This was very unpleasant. Especially because the backseat seat belt did not work. When we told him about this he almost didnt care. He gave us a long explenation that was certainly not true. He should as a driver make us feel safe and comfortable and make sure there are seat belts for everyone in the car. He did not succeed in this matter.

Our driver directly refused to make stops directly along our rute if they were not mentioned in our tour plan and he even skipped a few agreed POIs without our acceptance! Little Adams Peak for an example. This seems very sad. Especially because we earlier had decided not to drive the agreed long way to both Anuradhapura and the Elephant Ophanage for example. Both decisions have saved him a lot of milage (Anuradhapura is prob. about 6 hours alone), gasoline and lots of time. But still he had no interrest in stopping in the Ella Cave although this was directly on our way to Yala.

We are so sad about this driver-arrangement with Fernando Tours. I must please ask you to reconsider your drivers as future drivers. We will not by any means recommed any of our two drivers. There is no doubt that they have made our holiday really unpleasant.

We have spend a lot of time writing e-mails to Fernando. It has been a extremely long, slow and time consuming experience – precious time of our holiday. We spend a lot of time trying to convince Fernando about our problems. It seemed as if fernando did not really care.

One thing is for sure – we will newer recommend Fernando Tours to future travellers.

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