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7 months ago

with fs19 every time i press esc game crash idk why
my pc can run it ez fs17 15 no problems


10 months ago

Make solid and enjoyable games but I hope no one ever has an issue as the customer service/support is horrendous. Contact us forms do not work properly, will tell you that the email that was perfectly fine when they were taking your money is not "requested format" and will skirt the question and ignore you on social media. Very frustrating.


1 year ago

Iv downloaded the rcdc mod for snowy lands and every time I try and play it . It reaches 45 percent then crashes and takes me back to my Xbox one home screen please could you try and fix this as I've had the game for a while now and not even seen an inch of snow just for once I'd like to see a snowy land that I can actually play on


1 year ago

It's done it again! I do own the land, it says so, but can I put anything on it? NO! Because I apparently don't own the land! Or, the other one they're quite good at is 'your object is colliding with another object! And there is nothing for miles! Unless of course, they're referring to the ground itself! Giant has become too complacent. Their attitude seems now to be, "Just stick it out there, they'll buy it!" Well, this person will not in the future, and I will try my best to turn everyone else away from you because you just don't care anymore!


2 years ago

I have now bought the "Modern Classics Community DLC" from the farming simulator site it only took 5 minutes and then i got my key and the download link.


4 years ago

I appreciate it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I am old and I like simulators on the X-Box. I purchased from Giant, their Farming Sim 15 and it was very good and I looked forward to their releasing FS17.
So much so I actually pre-ordered it! First thing I've ever pre-ordered. But these people have got Complacent. 15 was good, probably sold well enough for them to devote a year or two to developing 17. I really wish I had waited.
There are more bugs in the game than there were behind my wallpaper when I was a kid growing up in London after the war.
Okay, so these games can have bugs and then get sorted once you bring them to the companies attention … Not so with Giant. In fact, I'm not that sure they even bother to read what you send them properly. I told them I had an x-box so what did they do? Sent me a patch on my computer and told me to download it ??????
There is no apology, no remedy, nothing. And I have to say, this has a lot to do with what people are prepared to put up with these days, my sons are telling me, "That's what happens these days, it's not like in your day when things had to be right…!
I paid 拢39.00 for this game, 拢39.00 out of my disability pension. And these people at Giant couldn't give a damn! They've got my money, why should they care. Especially when Microsoft who sell the game online sell it under a 'NO REFUND' option. To them, it doesn't matter if it works or not, so to my sons and people like them, I say, 'Stop putting up with things just because you think you have to! Get what you pay for or tell the world what a bad company it is … then see who starts getting things right first time!!! Giant, you are a disgrace!

Is GIANTS Software legit or scam? Can I trust GIANTS Software?

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