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5 months ago

DO NOT PURCHASE SHOES FROM THEIR ONLINE STORE! I purchased a pair of sandals from and after I wore them out once the heel broke off (at no fault of mine, the company agreed this must have not been glued properly.) I contacted the company right away and did not hear anything back for 2 weeks. I asked if I could get the shoes fixed on my own and if they would offer a discount, they said no. I asked for an exchange, they said no. I asked to take it to a place they trust and they said no. And of course they said no to a refund. Their idea of helping me was almost 2 months of back and forth e-mails (where weeks would go by with out any answers from their Italy team) for me to send the shoes back to Italy for a repair where it would take 6-8 weeks for the shoes to come back to me. I purchased the sandals back in July to wear in NY for the summer. I now wont see the sandals back until late October- November maybe. This company policy is not aligned to American customer service standards. I paid over $500 for a sandal I have not been able to wear. Their response time would take weeks and they are not willing to anything for the customer, only what would be beneficial to them even when their product was defective and poorly made. If I had paid $20 at a sandal at Target and this happened they would have refunded me my money. For an expensive sandal like this I have been forced to wait over 4 months for a resolution. It's ABSURD! This brand will never see a penny of money again!


6 months ago

Worst aftercare service ever!
I bought three pairs of the plexi pumps, because I heard that the size was smaller and i didnt know what size to get. Then i returned two of the three pairs with no problems. But then when i wanted to use the pair that i kept i was clear that one of the shoes has been used as a try-on model in their store. There is dark marks at the heel and the plastic/plexi part was curved and not straight. Furthermore there is a mark under the shoe. The other shoe in the pair is perfect there is no sign of use or anything. I got the shoes in the beginning of june and e-mailed them shortly after. They answered me but they did not help me or even comment the problem with shoe. They just confirmed the two other pairs was returned. I really hope that they will let me get a new pair or help me.


1 year ago

Very bad company.
They ripped me off.
The shop manager convinced me to buy shoes as very durable as i was looking for shoes for work. After not even few weeks of wearing them in a carpeted office, the shoes were damaged. After one month very damaged as when i rubbed the shoes together the leather peeled off.
The company refused to do anything and said that this is the quality they are selling. They dared to stick into the box when giving back my shoes a paper saying that they are ultra sensitive leather and to be used with special care.
I was robbed 拢575.
They dont even do these plexi nude leather because they know the quality was rubbish but they never replaced my shoes nor refunded me. What a rip off. Shame on your company.
You are better off buying zara shoes trust me. At least they will last.

Very poor service, very poor shoes.


2 years ago

As per my previous email-

Ok it鈥檚 now nearly 2 weeks since I returned the shoes bought on their website.
Still no refund.
No reply from customer services to my emails.
In desperation I contacted Gianvito Rossi boutique in London -who have been extremely helpful. Even calling me to ask how things are progressing.
Cannot believe this is a high end retailer operating this way.
Only because I copied the boutique into the email did customer services reply.
Then I was told due to the ferragosto catholic crlebrations everything is on shut down this week? !! Hey?
Cannot believe what I am hearing.
This is totally unacceptable.
There was no delay in them taking my money but a huge delay in refunding it.
Never again.
Will keep you updated on my refund status……

Is Gianvito Rossi legit or scam? Can I trust Gianvito Rossi?

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