3 months ago

I have really enjoyed using Goabroad and the team always responds in a very timely manner. Everyone I have spoken to there is friendly and helpful and I really recommend them. Thank you!


9 months ago

fake reviews


1 year ago

Don鈥檛 trust them! I should have been out working as an au pair with help from GoAbroad, but they ended up taking all my money and I haven鈥檛 heard from them since. Choose another company if you want to work with people you can trust!


2 years ago

I made a review of my bad experience with a volunteer travel company. I published the review and was asked immediately to substantiate it (which is strange for a review site as most review sites welcome good or bad reviews) No problem, I sent them a screenshot of my enrollment, they then sent me an email moving the goal post and saying I can only review if I had completed the course…funny, because they just said I had to be enrolled in the course. This company is shady, DONT trust their reviews, you've been warned!


5 years ago

I wrote a review of my experience with an overseas volunteer teaching organization (not found through GoAbroad). The review was negative. When I sent it to GoAbroad, it wasn't posted and I heard nothing from them. A couple of weeks later I followed up and they said they were sorry for ignoring my review. They asked me to verify that I participated in the program. I sent them the proof I was in the program. They still did not post my review. I followed up again a week later and they said they were still verifying things which was ridiculous. I asked them why and was told my review was tricky which must be a new euphemism for negative. So they are not interested in publishing any negative reviews only positive ones making it easier to take advantage of people. They don't seem to want to give potential customers the full story on organizations they list on their site. So I would warn anyone to not use them if you want unbiased, honest information about these various overseas programs that often charge high fees and do very little.


7 years ago

Good resource.


9 years ago

seems to be a good and reliable site. The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and was helpful in my research..