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1 year ago

Overall bad experience

I have been renting cars for a while and this is the first time a situation like this have happened.
The solution that Gomore came up with has been really poor.

I rented a tesla for 5 days period. When I arrived to pick up the car the car-owner informed me that he activated something called ''chill mode''.
I did not know what that was till later.

After a few minutes I figured out that the performance of the car was drastically reduced. I asked the car owner to de-activate it but he did not want to. Not alone he also put a speedlimit restriction on 110 KM/H (which was fine with me)
He also mentioned that I only rent the car to go fram A-B and did not need any of the standard feautures.
If I really wanted to rent a car to get me from point a to b I would rent a much more affordable car instead.
People rent tesla and luxury cars for the experience not to drive around for nothing.

I have rented tesla model S and model X multiple time's before and this is the first time something like this have happened.
I called Gomore right after this and informed them. The only solution they gave me was to either speak to the car-owner(which he then would tell me to bring the car back since he was very defensive) or deliver the car back and rent a new one.
The problem is that I could not rent another car for the same period since I already had a active rental.
Not only that, the car owner also supervised my driving and told me that he would watch if I had ''high accelerations'' from the app(this is something you can have track over in the tesla app). He also told me how many times I left the city and came back.

My options were limited. Cancel and risk not finding a car during new year, or just keep the car and contact Gomore again and get the issue solved.

I did the second one and Gomore does not take ANY responsibility for their car owners on their platform.
You just cannot say that any car owner can just restrict so much on their cars so that the experience will be completely lowered.
If I pay for a range rover with the standard feautres I'm then not expecting it to have a small engine from a toyota?

The only thing they offered me was 400 points (400NOK) for a rental period that was over 3000NOK.
I feel really cheated. Gomore should try to understand from a customers perspective instead of just giving robotic answers and saying that they have nothing to do with it.

I'm now on multiple groups in various platforms and have heard many different stories with Gomore and how they choose to solve the issues..

I had really big hopes for Gomore but this experience ruined it.
If you are looking to rent a car, use Nabobil instead. Better service and personal feedback from the agents. Even when I spoke with them and asked them how they would solve this issue they said that it would have been a totally different approach.


1 year ago

i booked and paid for the van, i was texting that i was on my way, got to the van, started taking pictures and someone else turned up having also booked the van that morning.
this makes it completely unreliable, you just dont know that you have a van booked even though youve paid for it.
luckily the renter had another van but what if they hadnt?
i gave the renter 3 stars for this and this same review.
they were not happy, sending many messages instead of accepting my experience and review.
overall. i would never ever use these again, nor would i recomend them.

Is Gomore.no legit or scam? Can I trust Gomore.no?

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