Google Chat App

Google Chat App
Price: Free
Version: Varies with device
Developer: Google LLC

Google Chat App - An Insight

The human race will always be thankful to Google for creating amazing applications and software that can make life easy. Starting from Gmail to Google Plus, we have seen a lot. So, today we will discuss one of the top-notch unified communication services known as Google Chat.

Have you ever wondered what is Google Chat app? Suppose you have always wanted to learn about this particular app. We are going to do the same, so stay tuned.

Google Chat app is a cloud-based app for messaging and video chat. Google has developed this application, and it started entertaining people right in 2013. According to the sources, Google Chat is one of the famous messaging platforms of Google. This app was called Google Hangouts before 2019. If you check, Google Hangouts is the start of this new revolution so let us know more about this app and how it works.

History of Google Chat App

In the year 2000, multiple messaging platforms were created by Google, and Hangouts was one of them. This instant messaging application became very famous overnight. Even Hangouts was merged, and it started functioning within Gmail and Google Plus. In the year 2012, Hangouts and Google Plus Messenger was merged. In the year 2013, SMS Messenger App was launched by Google. The Google Chrome Extension was updated, and the application Hangouts was improved according to the users’ needs.

In 2019, Hangouts was finally replaced by Google Chat and Google meet. There are many reasons why Google has taken this step, but we cannot deny the contribution of Hangouts to our lives. Since there is scope for the development of technology, and it will develop time by time - we can also assume as time passes, the more advanced and better version of Google apps will be introduced to us because Google never stops amazing.

What are the interesting features of Google Chat?

  • HD video call

When people barely had any idea about video calls, Google Chat was introduced. You can enjoy the HD video calls no matter if you are miles away from each other. You can see the person as he or she is just before you.

  • Group video call

Google Chat App allowed up to 25 people to participate in a group video call. What can be much better than an entire team coming to the same platform to discuss strategies or a group of friends cherishing their lovely moments online? Thus Google Chat can be used for professional and personal purposes as well.

  • Screen sharing

Google Chat App have an amazing feature that has helped many students and professionals to participate in online meetings. With the help of screen sharing, people could make the best use of it.

  • Works with both iOS and Android

What can be better than an application compatible with iOS and Android devices? Google Chat was one such app that could fit any Android or Apple user.

  • Have fun

Don’t think hanging is just for professional use because this application also features emojis, images, videos, and GF so that you can have fun while participating in a video chat with your friend.

Google Chat App Download

Anyone can download Hangouts from the Google Play store & App store. It’s very compatible with your device and easy to use.

Name: Google Chat App

Developer: Google LLC

Category: Business

Price: Free

Size: 29.4 MB

Version: Varies with device

Installs: 10M+

Updated: Oct 25, 2023