Gorjana & Griffin

1 month ago

I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry from this website. For some reason, my things shipped in two separate orders, but okay. They sent me emails stating that one package would contain the diamond pav茅 studs while the other would contain … everything else.

I received the first package yesterday (01/05). I excitedly opened it to find a SINGLE stud. I double checked my order because this website sells singles and well as pairs of many of their earrings. Nope, my order specified studS and I was charged accordingly ($210 for the pair vs $105 for the single).

I immediately sent them a message through the customer contact form on their website. 24 hours later and no response, I messaged their live CS chat. I gave the rep (Lilly) my order number and told her there was a problem. Without even waiting to hear what I had to say, she told me it was shipping in two packages, not one. I explained to her that that wasn't the problem and told her about the missing stud. I also told her I had already tried reaching out about this issue with no response.

Her reply? "I'll check with the team and get back with you." I guess she didn't like my response that I expected a little more urgency given to the situation bc she's left me on read in the chat for over ten minutes now.

If I'm literally spending hundreds of dollars on your website, I expect someone to care if there's a problem. I'm waiting for the second package to arrive so I can return all of the things I ordered and spend my money somewhere else. How disappointing.





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