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6 years ago

A bottom-left party that promotes economic equality, and social freedom. Anyone who is calling the Green Party "communist" obviously has no idea what they are talking about because a Communist regime would promote economic equality and OPPOSE social freedom. I'm proud to be an advocate for the Green Party! They do not accept donations from corporations in political campaigns, unlike Democrats. They only accept donations from the people. Democrats have slowly begun to move to the top-right as a result of influence from republicans and monetary incentives from big corporations like the RIAA and MPAA., but the Green Party has been standing firm and defending its principles. It's a shame that the Green Party doesn't hold any seats in the House and the Senate. I am a proud supporter of the Green Party and I hope the party will win future Presidential elections and future seats in the House and the Senate.

6/07/14: My firewall detected about a couple of IPs coming from, which belongs to Limelight Networks. Limelight Networks has been suspected of hosting malware and spam and the company also operates the download servers for many popular porn sites, which may contain some deadly malware such as ransomware. Limelight Networks is also blacklisted by Truste for not meeting their minimum privacy standards.

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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