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5 months ago

I would seriously warn aspiring members to stay far away from Guitar Mastery

This is a extreme commercial organization uses extremely hard selling methods that have only one goal and that is to steal your hard-earned money.
They promise unrealistically, but deliver little. They are really not interested at all in your guitar progression, but only in your money. It is an extremely commercial business model that is against illegal.

They charged my account 8 times in 3 months for the VIP membership. Subsequently filed a complaint and in response I was informed that by ordering a DVD I was automatically linked to a new VIP membership, even though I was already a VIP member. Of course thats no reason to charge me 8 times for the Vip membership. (Can鈥檛 they see it in their administration???)

However, I have not given any permission or signed up for a course anywhere. It is all extremely sneaky, without knowing it yourself you just registered for a course. Once they have access to your account, it will simply be charged with courses that have not been ordered, just so you know. It's not so much the money that bothers me, but much more the really bad mentality of Guitar Mastery

And I have seen that I am not alone, I have read this also in a bad review (trust pilot) before. Very bad customer service also, even an small excuse could not be given. They give a nothing about their customers. I did receive a full refund, but that was not easy, only after a lot of effort I received my refunds and less than a second later all my courses were blocked and that was even 10 days before the expiration date of the courses.

Also, you are really bombarded with recruitment emails every day, making you totally insane.

A well-known trick of Guitar Mastery is to lure you to a Free lesson, in which secrets are revealed so that you can make a lot of progress in a short time. When you take the class, it is boring and nothing new is shown, but at the end of the video you are tempted to take a course in which the secrets are revealed. At the 1st click you pay the main price, you pull out, then you get a discount, then you pull out again, you can follow the course if you immediately decide for little, in short, hard selling par excellence, don't fall for it !!!!

I have followed several Guitar Mastery courses, they are not really bad, but they are certainly not fantastic either. A lot is always promised, so you could make a gigantic progression in a few weeks, but that is of course all nonsense.

I have been playing guitar for about 25 years and know that making progress is a matter of a lot of practice (up to 2-3 hours a day) and also very, very hard work, that is life's work, with a lot of passion, you don't get good after following a course, but that is wrongly presented by Guitar Mastery.

I followed the Guitar Mastery 101 course, Guitar Mastery Method (Charly Wallace) promises beforehand that after following this course you would make a gigantic progression. Unfortunately, the course turned out to be very basic, the footage looked bad and outdated and in the end you don't learn much from it.

Then followed the Texas Blues course, this may be one of the better courses of Guitar Mastery, but beforehand it is promised that you can play almost as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan afterwards, but of course that is again extremely big big nonsense of course.

Stevie started playing the guitar when he was 4 years old and only became so good after 20 years and also he was extremely talented, you can't learn that with a simple course, just forget it!

Wallace from Guitar Mastery Method is also not a Blues player, you will notice that in the course and he is also very little passionate about teaching. (More interested in Money)

Also followed Classic rock course, but found it very basic and you don't learn too much from it. The guitar teacher Owen Vickens is not my favorite, the best teacher at Guitar Mastery Method who is passionate is Eddie Haddad.

In short, don't get started, don't spend your hard-earned money on Guitar Mastery, that's just total wasted money. There are really much better courses on the internet and I personally think Justin is one of the best and free and very, very passionate. So ….. never order a DVD from Guitar Mastery, because the chances are really very great that without you knowing it you have registered for one or more courses, so stay far away from it!

Is GuitarMasteryMethod legit or scam? Can I trust GuitarMasteryMethod?

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