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Catherine S., 1 month ago

Cannot review the product JUST the shipping. Purchased on Nov 29… shipped Dec 14. Now it is Dec 26 and the shipment is MIA

Why so long to put in the mail?

This was my go to store when my children were small now that I have grandchildren I thought the tradition would continue… NOPE

Amber Barr, 2 months ago

Pretty sure this is related to usps but they lost a package that contained a sentimental item for my daughter. I starting complaining about 10 days in but they made me wait the full 14 days before they would do anything. By then the item by daughter wanted was sold out in her size. The balance of the items that they did a replacement order on now seem to be lost as well. I am no longer ordering from them and am steering clear of any business that uses USPS as their package carrier. So disappointed.

Jillian, 7 months ago

The customer service is BOMB! So cute on my sister, So many cute clothes, always new designs! So happy that its back open again!

Lillian J., 9 months ago

The material being used is not what it use to be. I think the colors and prints are cute. I will be careful with what I buy. I know Children's Place owns Gymboree now and their stuff can be cheap material also.

Katie Smith, 11 months ago

unfortunate that they wont honour GC's from before their transition. $300 in GC's, gone. Their excuse that childrens place bought them and they cant access the previous information is BS. horrible customer service, especially in an era where customer service is so important.

Mardi M., 11 months ago

I was excited when Gymboree announced their return. I loved the colors and designs of the previous Gymboree line. I am shocked at the poor quality of cloth used in the new line. Three of the dresses I ordered for my granddaughters appear to be made of inexpensive cotton sheet material. The fourth dress, a knit, hangs poorly. Also, the dresses are simply poorly cut. I am so disappointed.

Terry A., 1 year ago

Great for the kids. My priority is their safety. Was a little cooler than expected. Kids didnt want to leave.

Highohall, 1 year ago

On March 17th I placed an order online during their last weekend for online orders. My banking account showed that there was a pending charge from Gymboree. Couple days later, I noticed that I haven't received a shipping notification. So I looked at my banking account and noticed that the charge was gone. I looked at the Gymboree order online, and it said order processing. So I decided to wait a few days. No changes, nothing. So I tried calling their customer service number. That number gave me a long automated message and then proceeded to tell me to call a different number for customer service. I called that other number and guess what, they said to call the other number that I just tried previously. You cannot email them , you cannot call them and apparently the only way to contact them is through a lawyer. So again I waited a couple more days. My husband advised me to contact my bank to have them cancel the charge if it posted. 2 days ago the charge posted on my bank account. Seeing that I still have not received any kind of shipping notification, I called my bank today to have this charge canceled. Unfortunately, it has already posted and gone through and now I would have to file a merchandise complaint. This could take 60 to 90 days to resolve. So I'm going to be even more patient then I should be, and we'll wait another five days for a shipping notification. If I don't get one, I will not only contact the bank but I will be contacting a lawyer. This is very fraudulent activity and extremely disappointing considering Gymboree is going out of business.

Kayla H., 1 year ago

I placed an order 10 days ago. The money has pulled from my bank account but no sign of my order. It hasn't shipped or even been packaged to ship. You can't get in contact with this company by phone or email. I have tried everything to just find out where my package is. I'm frustrated and angry as I was a very loyal customer.

AdJ, 1 year ago

If I could give them lower than 1 star, I would. I ordered from them over three weeks ago. PAID. But NOTHING. The order hasn't even shipped. I understand they're going out of business, but seriously. THIS IS WHY. Where the heck is my package?? If you're not going to ship it, and LEAST give me my $100 back. This company deserves to be out of business.

Avdeeva Kazam, 2 years ago

Horrible customer service! Nearly 3 hours on the phone to TRY to get an order resolved. Gymboree is quick to process an online order and bill me but ships incomplete orders or doesn't process them at all. Shameful! Take your business elsewhere!!!

Casey Richardson, 2 years ago

Horrible service, took over a month to even ship my order then the wrong order came in. Never ordering anything from Gymboree again.

CliveMeredew Mackbach, 2 years ago

I realize the company needed to rebrand, however, I need to find a NEW children's store!
I have spent approximately $700.00 per visit and I shop 6 times a year for the last 12 years!!!!!!

It has been an amazing ride, however, my youngest I shop for is 4 and the styles are no longer what we are looking for.

My 9 and 11 year olds are boys so we have moved on with them!

Bailey Kyle, 2 years ago

I received a babyshower gift from here. I received a month after the shower so I needed to exchange the outfits for larger sides. When I went to exchange the 2bibs, 2 sets of blankets, and 3 outfits they gave me $24 for all of it since it had been past the 60 days. So they would only give me around $2 for each when I know an outfit is $24. How ridiculous is this?!! I know all of this stuff was worth a lot more than $24!!!

Viktoriya, 2 years ago

Scammers. I order clothing worth $500 .They failed to pay the shipping comany and i got stuck with another huge bill of over $300 .Because they refuse to pay it!Now im stuck dealing with the shipping company too ! Never ordering from this USELESS store.And your customer service is helpless !!!

Lesley, 2 years ago

I am a very avid Target shopper when it comes to my son's clothing. Unfortunately, they did not have great jackets this year, which lead me to the mall. I went in to Gymboree and purchased a jacket and other items. The cashier told me I earned $50 dollars in Gymboree bucks. I was very excited about this, I buy clothes very often since my son is 2t, and growing. I went back during the dates, I spent over 200 dollars. The sweet cashier had trouble with the coupon, but she thought it worked. I paid and took my receipt. I called Customer Service, turns out the cashier only applied $25.00 dollar credit of Gymboree bucks instead of $50.00 dollars. The solution I was given was a 25.00 Gift Card. I was disappointed by this Customer Service. It really should be a credit back to my personal account since the mistake was on them. In only two visits, I spent over 300 dollars. Gymboree can keep my $25.00 dollars, the lack of Customer Service to make a situation right is just surprising. I will find another buisness that takes care of their customers.

Pigdog Kessans, 2 years ago

I recently received an e-mail from Gymboree explaining that my package was undeliverable because of an incorrect address. This messagewas at least three weeks after the package should have arrived. My response to them is as follows: The reason that this was undeliverable was because your fill in form for ordering is not set up properly. There were not enough lines on the form to indicate a business address. Because the form was lacking in lines for information, I called your company to make sure that the business company would be indicated and repeated the entire address to a customer service individual. It was a long process. Imagine my dismay after trying both on line and by phone to get this birthday present there in time that it never arrived. It is now over two weeks overdue to a birthday child. I am especially irritated due to the fact that I spent at least forty five minutes on line and speaking with one of your representatives. There was nothing incorrect about the address, but as I have already indicated by phone the package should read: etc, etc.

Sarah D., 2 years ago

HOLY F&*^! Literally the WORST customer service EVER. I had an issue with a damaged gift card and I've been on the phone with them for 2 days trying to get it resolved. The people at the call center are the absolute worst and don't know what the hell they are doing. All they do is put you on hold a million times and argue with you. Screw this place.

Hajira, 2 years ago

wonderful brand , the cloths and accessories i buy from here never went bad. Always look like New

estrella, 2 years ago

the best store since my first baby born

Czuper, 2 years ago

I went to Florida mall on 03/30/18 and I went to return boots that came online all unglued and I went there and the woman from the Florida mall store called the customer service for her to order the same ones for me online and they treated my horribly I stayed in the store for 4 hours I lost my work day because the woman on the phone did not want to make the boots online the same price I bought them that is unacceptable for a customer to be treated like that although the woman at the actual store treated me very well I still had to wait 4 hours because the woman on the phone did not want to make my boots the same price I bought them. First in the beginning the woman on the phone lied and said they didn't have any even though the woman at the store saw on the computer that they had it.Me and my family have bought things from that store for many years and we just think you guys should have people on the consumer service side with a better want to help us.

Jenny A., 2 years ago

I wish I too had seen these reviews before ordering online-that explains the great deals and free shipping. I ordered a few items for my daughters birthday (two weeks ahead) and unfortunately deliver is scheduled for two days after her bday. Ridiculous. Ill definitely shop retail store or go elsewhere in the future. The quality of Gymboree (especially outlets) has declined. Polo, Justice here I come.

Carol Evans Younce, 2 years ago

I love this store. I order from them probably 3 or 4 times a week. Their prices are just incredible and their quality is better than any store I've ever shopped. Often times their shipping is free and it arrives quickly. I don't do any of the points or coupons with them. I'd say it's probably the best overall store for children's clothes hands down. I have not had any dealings with their customer service people or returned anything; haven't needed to.

Carol y., 2 years ago

When JCrew quit having their fabulous sales about a year ago, Gymboree ended up with almost 90% of my business. I buy for my niece's & nephews. Their clothes are beautifully made & sale prices rock. There's lots of "free shipping" days as well. To all that have had cust. srvc. issues I feel your pain, but I've never had to contact them!

Morgan Hicks, 2 years ago

Honestly I love the quality of Gymboree clothing. They recently had an online sale and I had ordered a few shoes for my theee year old daughter. I was fine with my purchase until it came to the delivery. I was not impressed when first of all the shipping company Gymboree uses is called DHL. This shipping company never delivered my package to my door never left a package pick up form. I have to call DHL and then got directed to Canada post to where I then had I pick up my package from the nearest postal office. Hold on it gets better so when they finally found my package the lady gives me a total of $51!!!!!! I was shocked my order alone was $200 now they want me to pay an additional cost!!!!! The lady said it was DHL Gymboree’s shipping company’s cost for duties. I checked my email when I completed my order originally and it said nothing about paying additional money for duties when I pick up my package. Sorry for the rant long story short I love Gymboree’s quality but will not order online from them again because of the massive additional cost I had to pay when picking up my package.

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