1 month ago

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2 years ago

Luv, luv, luv their shower gels! The scent are heavenly subtle, foamy, and gentle on the skin. I love the ones that have a scrub component to them and the ones that have these little balls that burst into fragrance on your skin. I have face masks and soap by them as well, but honestly, it's the shower gel that keeps calling me back for more!


2 years ago

Got your H2o on? There hydration gel mask and moisturiser is a must if you have dry skin or dry bags under your eyes


2 years ago

I bought one of their small eyeshadows, and it was a little chalky for me, but not bad for the price. Maybe I got a bad batch? because I've heard good things about this brand


6 years ago

I love the natural concept of h2o plus – that the rich source of antioxidants and minerals from marine life are beneficial to our skin. I wasn't sure what products to try first so I went to the best sellers section and selected a couple of the items to start. They are great products and they have made a positive change in my skin. I'm a huge fan!


8 years ago

I just want to say Thank you to H2o plus for their Oasis line. I've always had clear skin, but after I turned 40 whatever products I used left me with whiteheads that seemed to be inbedded in my skin! That's when someone suggested I use H2o products. I was able to try a sample and from that day on I was sold. No more whiteheads, and the other day I was told no one would ever guess I was 55 and a grandma of 3. What a compliment, and it's all because of H2o.

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