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3 years ago

I really don't know where to begin. I guess I will start by saying don't go here. The last time I visited this place, a therapist named Linda chased me out of the office screaming "are you suicidal?! I need you to sign this form!" In front of the office workers and other patients. She was screaming at me because I had just told her how terrible she was as a therapist. I was telling her how terrible she was as a therapist because she had just spent several tense minutes screaming at me and talking down to me because I had canceled an appointment and then scheduled a different appointment. She was accusing me of being a no-show which was not the case. She was screaming at me about this because she had not given me time to explain that my wife had lost our unborn baby and that we were at the hospital. She started berating me as soon as I stepped in her door, giving me no time to explain. After the first couple of moments of this I flipped on my phone's recorder and recorded the harassment. I later called Dr. Haas and explained that I had canceled my appointment and that I had an audio recording of this also along with a recording of Linda going berserk in front of the entire office. His office workers failed to take the appointment out of the system. He apologized for both instances but his office still sent me a bill for this session which I was compelled to walk out on because of the treatment. I played the recording of Linda for some other mental health professionals and they suggested that I report her to the board, but I am instead choosing to write this review. This place is a for profit business and business is good for them, however, they will receive no more from me. I later discussed this event with my mother who had seen Linda in the past and she said that was not the first time Linda had been unprofessional. My mother told me that one day a group of men was walking by when they were going back to the room for her session and Linda made a comment "be careful, those are all a bunch of sex addicts here for therapy". My mother thought that this was absurd for her to talk about someone's personal issues so outspokenly since she is supposed to be HIPAA compliant. It caused my mother to question whether she did the same toward her after she left her appointment. Again, search for a great therapist, do your homework and find an office staff that doesn't hide behind a glass wall unless you are handing them a check or a clipboard.

Is Haas Psychiatric legit or scam? Can I trust Haas Psychiatric?

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