Headphone Zone

2 months ago

The most trustworthy e-commerce seller.

These people are the best. Be it the products they offer or the delivery process or even the customised super casual emails. They have the quality in everything they do.

Being the only dealer for world renowned Audio brands is something to be proud of.

There a lot of products that are best of its class and if you are not sure about one there is always a guru to help you out.

The after sales service is as good as buying the first headphone from them.

Had got myself replaced an RHA MA390 Wireless to a RHA Trueconnect. Which is almost 3K upwards than the original product that I bought from them.

Have almost 3 RHA's and a Jays which I recently bought from them.

And it is pure joy to purchase from them everytime.

If it is authentic audio experience that you are looking forward to! Headphone Zone and Raghav's army of audio gurus are your best of best choice out there.


4 years ago

This website is good but provide product at higher prices.

visit : www.vplak.com

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