6 years ago

I was looking for Healthaid Brewer's yeast today. Came across Health Adda which provided the yeast for a price lesser than the competition. Top marks for that!

Then came the fun.

1) The image on the website shows 240 tablets, but the listing says 500 tablets. So I chatted with customer support who confirmed it was 500 tablets. Negative marks for this mix-up.
2) Then i asked the customer rep to send a copy of our chat transcript. This was not sent to me for some time. So I reminded the rep once again. Don't think the rep really liked it. We can't determine moods on the net. He/she said that it was already sent. If that was the case, shouldn't it atleast be in my spam folder. I then kept waiting. Finally because I needed the yeast, I made screen shots of the chat and stored it safely on my laptop. All this while, no email had shown up.
The above issue is still forgivable.
3) Then comes the irritating bit. The product costs 1165 discounted to INR 990 and free shipping for orders over INR 750. I made the order via paypal, and guess what I was charged. USD 21.78 equivalent to INR 1338.82 at today's rates (26.Sept.2014). Amazing isn't it? and the comfirmation email sent to me still states INR 990. Not a single penny more.
4) And yes! I got the email finally. They sent it to me after I placed the order. Ego issues Kept it pending?

I will wait for the product to be delivered to comment about delivery, product' expiry date and other issues. As per the chat, they were to ship it today. So let's see how things turn up.

Everything else is forgivable. Cheating on pricing? Nah!













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