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7 months ago

My experience with holy Drone so far is fantastic. I ordered the Holy drone HS720 on amazon last week and got it deliverd the same day. I have only had the chance to fly my drone a handful of times due to very windy conditions (uk), however I was very impressed with this. The HS720 in my opinion is the best available on the market for the price range.
This is ideal for beginners or even more experienced people due to the ease of flying this but you can also have some real good fun with this once you have got used to it.
Holy stone customer service is also very good. I sent an email in the evening and they replied the next morning.

I would 100% recommend these products.


8 months ago

Holystone is a genuine drone company. The drones they make are really good. I recently bought the HS110G and it was the best drone for beginners. Their customer service is fast when I contacted them. I am very impressed with their customer service and satisfied with their products. I will definitely recommend their products to others.


8 months ago

Great Beginner Drone. I received the HS700d for my anniversary, this thing is pretty slick and easy to fly with just after 20 minutes of opening the box and reviewing the instructions.

I would recommend, the only issue I've had so far is it started a "death wobble" around 20 feet on day 3 and came crashing down and broke the camera (I put it back together and seems to be working ok)…


8 months ago

First let me start by saying i'm not disappointed in the HS120D as it flies great But I am disappointed in how Holy Stones customer service operates. First call was regarding a couple of parts I needed. The first girl I spoke with (in China) Asked me to send picture of item I needed as they don't have a catalog. After sending the picture, they said part is not available through Amazon and it will take 30-45 days before I can get the part! She sent me a link to pay supposedly through Pay Pal, but the link is really an email address. I emailed her back for another part needed as well and explanation as to how to order the parts needed which they don't give you the name for so I called back and spoke to another girl in China with rooster crowing in background and she was hard to understand, this is frustrating!


9 months ago

Warning all drone buyers there is a increase of scams going on with drones from this site and others don't not trust them all there customers services I know, alot of people look at trust pilot before they buy take notice there China sites they are ripping everyone off.
They are, ignorant and think they get away with scamming innocent peope who save up to buy for them self's or kids check before you buy drones


1 year ago

Bought HS700 for my partners 60th birthday gift, to take to Vietnam. Had a few issues with it at first, but my problems were dealt with efficiently and fast by two customer service girls, Helen and Cathy. Managed to fly the drone, once my issues were sorted. The drone is great and although we crashed it a few times, it was still intact and no damage done. Customer service is very important to me and because of these two girls, I will definitely buy off Holystone again.


1 year ago

A drone company like no others. Aiming at the toy market scaling up to what I would deem hobby level. They will never be commercial or pro drones at this current time but they are decent solid drones.

The next thing, is the SUPERB customer service. It truly is like no other!

100% back this company. I have 4 of their drones and a semi pro drone. These drones are decent.


2 years ago

I bought a HS100 drone with spare battery from HolyStone. I鈥檓 very pleased with the drone and have already made a number of flights and produced film of a local seaside park.

Is HolyStone legit or scam? Can I trust HolyStone?

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