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1 year ago

I was paying into them for 13 years, and then, when you need help, they don't even warn you that for the issue you have you have no warranty if you do not have a service per year. But rather after describing the problem they take $75 for a professional. And the professional they send tells you that this is a service issue and that you have to pay for it. So, do not trust them! They only try to get your money. I will never again pay them anything. And no-one should.


1 year ago

I am completely unimpressed with Fidelity. Our kitchen faucet broke and they wouldn鈥檛 cover a comparable replacement. They only cover standard grade faucets, so no matter how much you spent on upgrading your faucet, they will only give you the bottom line product as a replacement. They won鈥檛 even give you the same faucet in a different color. Just the standard. That鈥檚 it. Think of it this way鈥攜ou get in an accident with your black car and the car repair place will only paint the repaired part of your car white because that鈥檚 standard. Who does that???


1 year ago

"Fidelity National Home Warranty" is a home warranty service contract provider. The technician they sent to my home to work on my evaporative cooler identified the problem as a faulty thermostat. After several months the technician notified me he could not locate the part. Fidelity then tried to find another company to resolve the issue. After several calls they informed me that no one they contract with would work on my system. Odd, isn't HVAC work the majority of their business. Anyway they told me I would need to locate a company on my own. The company must be a legitimate business and the repair could not exceed $700. After my second call I found a HVAC company that came out ordered the thermostat and had it repaired in a week. I submitted the invoice totaling $360 with all the criteria requested. The next call I receive is telling me they will only reimburse $275 as this is the fair and reasonable rate to replace a thermostat. That funny, if they had no one that could perform the job, how can they tell me what is fair and reasonable.
Save yourself lots of headaches, pass on this company.
Update: After posting negative reviews I received a call advising me the full amount would be paid. I have increased my rating to 2 stars.


1 year ago

If someone is giving this company 5 stars review are fake!
This is a scam company, I will give them a zero star. The customer service are terrible, really unprofessional.
If you call them, they will pretend can't hear you and hangup or it sounds like thousand miles away from you. IT REALLY IS A PIECE OF WORK!
Leader of Fidelity Home Warranty, if you see this. Give me a call, my policy number is V-77541.


4 years ago

Don't use Fidelity or .homewarranty.com This company is the worse. They take advantage of good hard working individuals who pay for Waranty's because they buy older homes. I don't know about you but I work hard for my money. I expect to be treated with respect by companies who I give my money to. I expect to not get taken advantage by a fraudulent home warranty company who takes your money and denies your claims even with second opinions. I bought a used home and several things have gone wrong. Each time they send a worker out charge me a copay then deny my claim. I get second oppenions out of my own money they won't even acknowledge them. I even got told off my their so called manager names Tara. She was so rude and has now refused to even call me back or answer my emails. I am just told their is no one else I can talk to. Trust me my friend family agent sellers home buyers and whoever else I can get the word out to will never do business with this company again. We are getting together with other buyers to file a claim of insurance fraud. I have never seen a good positive review of this company and I wish I never used them when I bought my house. They don't even give you an opertunity to cancel your policy they say no refund aloud.

Is Homewarranty legit or scam? Can I trust Homewarranty?

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