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Brian Hensby, 2 months ago

Always use HPi when buying a vehicle. Good information can be had and buying with added confidence ,

mark Hahn, 4 months ago

Easy to use and accurate ,

Dave R, 5 months ago

was about to buy what looked like a slightly damaged 2 year old mazda 3. decided to do an hpi check at the last minute and discovered the car had structural damage and was an insurance write off. spent £15 in total on checks, this potentially saved me £1000's. ,

Bernadette Thayre, 6 months ago

Brilliant. Easy to use and has given me the confidence to buy a car knowing it has not got hpi. ,

Robin, 8 months ago

Would always recommend a HPI check as No One can be trusted when buying a used vehicle. I made that mistake once, the guy seemed so genuine and honest, wasn't short of a few quid, lived in a very respectable area but the bike he sold me was a category B. This was further impacted by the total lack of help and consideration of DVLA who quite simply don't care and will be quick to wash their hands of any involvement. However this maybe just my bad luck as my bike purchase has now led to a Police investigation for insurance fraud with the previous owner, Allianz Insurance, the MOT testing station and DVLA. Thinking some heads are gonna roll, whoop whoop. ,

Imran Malik, 9 months ago

It's a must. Peace of mind. ,

Paul Nicholls, 9 months ago

Car Analytics HPI Service – Avoid this company at all cost . They provided me with the wrong data and now I’ve purchased the car have blamed Experian or the DVLA even after admitting they had made a typo . I now have a car I would not have pursued and the have offered free future HPI checks should I purchase another car as recompense Appalling Service !!!!! ,

Alastair Ferguson, 10 months ago

Fast service ,

Dragos Ciobotaru, 1 year ago

Reliable and trustworthy service, used it for a lot of cars. ,

Max, 1 year ago

Great to check vehicles history. ,

Marcus, 1 year ago

Perfect. Thanks ,

fraz man, 1 year ago

Best I've used as includes app to keep records of cars you've Checked ,

Michael Gardner, 1 year ago

Reliable and accurate ,

Shafqat Ali, 1 year ago

Great fast hpi CHEAK perfect service..
5 stars ,

Honest Review, 1 year ago

A must if you're buying a used car. Certainly worth the price. ,

Matthew Card, 2 years ago

Very quick and easy to use, with all relevant information found and It put my mind at rest before spending my hard earned. ,

Chris L, 2 years ago

Easy to use service – all checked out ok. Excellent for peace of mind. ,

Tom powell, 2 years ago

Great service and accurate information in an easy readable and understandable format. ,

Mary Douglas, 2 years ago

A very thorough and detailed check. Armed with accurate information, it helped me keep the negotiating to a fair and reasonable price. Without the check I could have been hoodwinked into agreeing a higher price. The check could have been improved by including a safety recall check, instead of offering that service afterwards at a small additional cost. I cannot compare to other checks that do checks as I have not used any. I did consider using Autotrader, which was slightly cheaper but the fact that their website states that their checks are powered by Experian put me off. I've been put off having anything to do with Experian since they had that catastrophic data leak the other year. Also, HPI has a longstanding reputation. ,

steve, 2 years ago

Excellent service
I had arranged to buy a car and I had even sorted out a hire car for the day to travel all the to Birmingham from the Isle of Wight and found out through the HPI check that the vehicle That I wanted to purchase had been writen off as a total loss plus it had outstanding finance
If I did not use this service I would have lost out on over £6000
Very happy with this service and I would recommend it to anyone ,

Auxilliah Gurira, 2 years ago

As a new driver buying my first car HPI check gave me the confidence to take that final step….i would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a used car ,

Viv Gray, 2 years ago

hpi in the gateway before buying. Great service and all we needed to know before commuting. Great Thanks! ,

Tilda Bryson, 3 years ago

I've used HPI for a lot of vehicles., would defiantly recommend it ,

simone, 3 years ago

Brilliant. Saved me buying a dodgy motor. ,

Anthony Barnett, 3 years ago

It’s the only way to get the right information & actually, I’ve been in the motor trade for over 45 years and always used HPI to make sure of what I am buying in vehicles, I’ve never been letdown, thank goodness for the services of HPI . Thank you very much!!

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