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1 year ago

The introduction to this CRM system has happened relatively recently, as i've come to a new place of work. The feedback was written because I was just surprised with how quickly I learned to navigate this system. This is the first time I meet so intuitive and friendly interface. And it's not only in the interface, but also in the fact that the CRM-system Zoomia has well-thought out and corresponding business processes logic.
About functiIonal. It has everything in idea necessary and nothing superfluous. It's Integrated with the official site and social networks. Customer requests from there are dripping directly into Zoomia and the customer's profile card is created automatically, which saves a lot of time. He was also pleased with warehouse accounting and automatic posting of goods to the site, this is very helped by integration with the scanner and the barcode printer.
So, I want to say that the system is just great!


1 year ago

I own a network of auto services. The system helped to organize work with clients, automatically form warranty sheets and contracts. They are filled in automatically using the information from the customer card .We can record clients in convenient free time at the most convenient address for the customer. Everything is clear and simple, that allows to make the most quickly the right offer for the client and to establish interaction between employees of points. I find it right that I have the opportunity to see up-to-date status information at each point remotely at any time.


1 year ago

The Truth About Zoomia CRM, A Deluxe System. Dear readers! If you are looking through this article, then you 鈥?just like me 鈥?get interested in Zoomia CRM. In fact, market is heavy with various CRM systems, including such business giants as 1C and Salesforce, as well as many small industry-specific ones. Customers perhaps don鈥檛 bother to search thoroughly or otherwise are not satisfied by existing CRMs with regard to value for money. And many end up developing individual systems 鈥?on their own or hiring software experts. And here is Zoomia CMR with its new approach. How one can figure out what鈥檚 what? Why customers prefer to develop individual software and why Zoomia CRM is in such demand? I believe it鈥檚 easy to see why stock CRM systems are little by little losing ground? The reasons are as follows: 1. Deficient feature set. 2. Too many useless features which are still to be paid for. In the first case you can hire an expert who will add and integrate required features 鈥?again, it incurs large costs. In the second case you can do nothing but to take another software. Thus, you can see why customers choose to develop software individually. And it is quite obvious why Zoomia CMR system has appeared 鈥?its creators have just analyzed demands on the market. Let me remind you what is the main point of 鈥渋nnovative approach鈥?applied in Zoomia. Zoomia, just as a construction kit, is put together individually for each customer. Zoomia experts make up a list of features to be included in a new, unique software system according to customer鈥檚 technical specification. But what if you need some feature which is not available at the moment? No problem 鈥?it will be developed and included in the list. So, this is what is meant by 鈥渋nfinite feature set鈥?and 鈥渋ndividual approach鈥? Let鈥檚 address another delicate issue 鈥?what about the price? Prices for accounts are fixed and indicated at Zoomia website. The cost of software development depends on the scope of a required feature set, on the number of features to be developed from scratch and on business processes logic. And, at last, why Zoomia CRM is a Deluxe system? It has to do with the word 鈥渄eluxe鈥?interpretation. Deluxe goods are meant to be unique and special. They are designed in accordance with any customer鈥檚 requirement. It may take much time to agree upon all details and then highly professional experts start working on your order. That is why Zoomia CMR is a Deluxe system.

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