1 year ago

Gone. Toast. Chapter 7. $5,000,000 in debt to suppliers. Several people's jobs gone because of a lousy owner.


2 years ago

I called the customer service number on the website to ask for recommendations on a product. The customer service representative was extremely unprofessional. She pretty much told me that customer service cannot help me because they don't know anything about the features of the products – she told me that I should be calling sales instead, and she wouldn't share their number… She suggested that I call the manufacturer of the product for recommendations. This rep didn't even bother to ask me what my concerns were, was extremely dismissive, and her attitude/tone of voice was condescending and rude. Great way to treat a potential customer.


2 years ago

My entire experience with iBuyOfficeSupply was great. Worked with James and Steve on a large order. No hiccups whatsoever!


3 years ago

"This is my first and last experience with iBuyOfficeSupplycom
Due to their apparent outsourcing of fraud screening by a third party who clearly cannot adequately judge what is fraud and what is not, this order ended with me being out of money and about a week of my time wasted.
Not only did they actually charge my bank card I ordered with BEFORE they asked for pictures of the front and back of my card, which request I promptly satisfied, they then rejected my order at that time and then tied my money up I had budgeted for these office items for 4 days.
In summary, they waited for days to even follow up on the order, then charged my card for the order yet did not satisfy the order, then asked for proof of card ownership which was supplied to them in the exact format they requested, and then finally they rejected the order, but held my payment for 4 days after that.
Their customer service was also cold and rude through the whole process.
A waste of my time and office budgeting money held up at a time when time is a factor. I ordered through a competitor and the freight is already on it's way. "


6 years ago

A co-worker and myself communicated with a James Medin via email. We ordered place settings for our companies holiday party and almost every one came broken. However we were not aware of this until the day of the party as we did not open the boxes until that that day. J. Medin was rude in quoting the company policy which we were not aware of and made no type of reconcilation for all the broken items. This is not a company to deal with.


7 years ago

iBuyOfficeSupply clearly has THE most unprofessional staff anywhere on the planet, they are rude and distasteful. I had the grave disappointment of speaking to one Kathy Marsh who told me that in order for her to complete my order I must send her the front and back of my credit card, and so I did. To my surprise she sent me back an email stating that they can not complete my order due to fraud. AFTER YOU PUT MY CARD OUT THERE. REALLY!!! I called this Kathy idiot to find her snapping at me, then she told me that she can't help me no matter what questions I asked Well I'll be a freaking fairy, what the heck is she there for? Whatever happened to customer service? DANG!!


7 years ago

Office chairs are really expensive. I found a couple I liked on ibuyofficesupply that weren't too much so I took a risk and bought them. So far, I've been really happy with the chairs. They came on time, and I didn't have any problems. I'd buy other office supplies here too.

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