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4 years ago

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I was at the mall yesterday(Stonebriar in Frisco) and as I was walking and a lady named Cher approached me. She asked what Flat Iron I used for my hair, I told her and she proceeded to tell my why to use hers over mine. No concerns here. BUT, she then shows me a product by using with a piece of my hair, in which looks very nice. She tells me it costs $300 but she would sell it for $200. I was really iffy about it but we ended up deciding on $150. Soon after I left the mall, and I thought I would do some research on the product to become more informed. I then looked up the product and realized it was being sold for $10 more online, this is when sirens sounded in my head. She told me the was really $300. I decided to talk to someone else about it, so I look online and many other people have had the same issue. People were talking about how someone did their hair with one product, but continued to sell a different one to them. This is what I then realized that I had paid for a different product than the lady had used on my hair. Although, this could be a mistake, I found reviews that expressed the same problems online. I was also promised a lifetime warranty which never made its way to my receipt, and people also said they were told the same but when brought back, we told the warranty doesn't apply to their company.

Is Ikonicstyle.com a scam? According to the customer reviews, Ikonicstyle.com should be avoided in any dealings and transactions. Can I trust Ikonicstyle.com? Probably no. Despite the fact that the review was published here, Ikonicstyle.com has not responded. Lack of responsibility is a fundamental determinant of trustworthiness. Our user(s) provided the above review and comments against Ikonicstyle.com, and they have been published as-is. We do not edit, change, or remove user-generated content. There is no amount of money that a company can pay to have their reviews or complaints manipulated, and we will not erase the Ikonicstyle.com reviews at any cost.

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