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5 years ago

Oh il Mulino where do I start? Oh yes the day I came in with my stylist friend Designer it was around 4pm il Mulino was empty and the staff had to ask the Manager if we could be seated …. WHAT??? well, we should had walked out on there and they but instead we decided to stay. Once seated our waiter left us for more then 20mins before he ask us about drinks in the meantime one waiter was swiping the floor with a BROOM dirt flying all over the restaurant as my friend and I still waiting for our waiter. Waiter comes back to take our order ( FINALLY ) but no drinks so I reached over to the bar and ask for a drink.

Our lunch experience was terrible but since I enjoy my friends pasta I decided to give Il Mulino another change and went back a week later for lunch again same time 4pm but this time order my food ToGo. I walk into the restaurant and all the staff are sitting around the bar, they look at me as if I were a ghost I then ask for the menu and place my order because the staff were taking up most of the bar seating I had to stand outside one of the doorway entrance and lean on a wheelchair ramp railing facing them all inside because il Mulino staff were to busy or lost their sense of Hospitality and manners to offer a lady a seat while she waits for her order.

Wait! did I mention the restaurant was once again empty! Well the waiter came outside to give me my check as if I were a dog waiting on a leash another waiter then comes out to give me my bag. As I'm crossing the street I hear all the staff screaming CIAO CIAO at this point I felt as if was all a joke and disrespected. I will never come back to this place after all the pasta was salty and watery It was more like a soup then a pasta dish and I'm Italian I should know.

Overall this place is not worth it, staff is super unprofessional, lack of Hospitality and I hope the owners are not Italian because it will be an embarrassment to Italians we are known for Hospitality, serve, amazing food, warm and friendly with great manners.

I am in the Fashion Industry work in Soho NYC and will make sure not to recommend this place to any of my Fashionista Friends on Fashion week as I will normally do.

Is Il Mulino legit or scam? Can I trust Il Mulino?

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