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2 years ago

These thieves use the name New York Shirt Company with a good website that says 100% guarantee but they will not provide what they've promised. I previously wrote a review on the New York Shirt Company only to find out now that this company is only a lie to lead people away from all the AWFUL reviews of Imprintex, LLC. Beware!! It's the same people!! I'm attaching my first review here so you won't have to go searching – but be advised, these people will take your money and send you nothing. I hope the U.S. Attorney General gets on this and takes care of them before they cheat more people. Here's my previous post:

I ordered my daughter a "birthday" t-shirt for her birthday month, a FULL SIX WEEKS before her birthday, because they said it would take 3 weeks to get it, because every shirt is "made to order" – yeah right. They happily took my money to pay for the shirt, but I've given up on ever seeing it. I emailed the company after 4 weeks and got a canned email back that since shirts are "made to order" they take time. After 5 weeks, I called and left a message – guess what? NO ONE RETURNED MY CALL. THIS COMPANY IS STEALING MONEY FROM LOTS OF CONSUMERS $20.00 AT A TIME. I'm convinced that they will never send my daughter's birthday gift – I'm glad I got her other things as well! THIS ENTIRE COMPANY APPEARS TO BE A SCAM FULL OF LIARS WHO HAVE A GOOD WEBSITE THAT PREYS ON ANYONE WHO WILL SEND THEIR MONEY EXPECTING TO RECEIVE WHAT THEY'VE PURCHASED! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND HARD EARNED MONEY WITH THEM!! The claim on their website that say 100% satisfaction is NOT TRUE!! STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!

Is Imprintex legit or scam? Can I trust Imprintex?

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