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Website & Phone: 1306 County Road F West Arden Hills 55112 United States

1 year ago

Great bottle openers! We ordered 100 bottle openers for our wedding favors, and Jon (owner) and Peggy (designer) were awesome to work with. They made sure we would be happy with their products and worked with us on our custom logo. They also shipped them really fast.


2 years ago

Very responsive, quick delivery, a joy to work with


3 years ago

Coached us well to make our logo fantastic on the Post it notes.


3 years ago

Only firm willing to meet our rush delivery.I will order again from this company.


3 years ago

Nice mugs speedy delivery.Customer service is also very good.Thanks.


3 years ago

This is good service.Thanks for your help.


3 years ago

I was raised in Iowa
Moved to coast for love and work
Found late one day last month when my normal swag guy was closed already at 4pm eastern time
Not only did imprintitems answer
They stayed late until nearly 7 pm there time
The got my rush order processed right away for us. They also sent us a mock up 5 minutes after we ordered and revised it twice while I was on the phone
I miss that midwestern service & am glad to have found them


3 years ago

First off, what does a vendor that responds with personal attacks and slanderous comments about a business he does not know say about the character of this person?

Below is the exact content of the emails I sent (which I can produce for anyone as requested), which do not support anything in Jon's response to my review:
I NEVER asked him anything about honoring the incorrect price he quoted (even though that would have been the appropriate thing for an accredited business to do). I asked him to explain why shipping amounts and whatever he was calling the CA service charges (which he verbally referred to as a Canadian service fee….what???) were changing quote to quote on the same quantity of items.
He states he realized the mistake, which he did not, I did and pointed it out to him (which he acknowledged in email).
He states She emailed several times insisting we honor the mistaken pricing.That is a flat out lie as you can see by the email chain below.
He states she wanted to speak with a manager to insist on getting the pricing I had sent in error. Another flat out lie as you can see by the email chain below.

Email chain from last response to first (read in reverse, all personal contact information has been removed) at BBB request I can send attachment of email, not forwarded as we all know that can be manipulated.

From: Tiffany Carder
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 10:17 AM
To: 'Jon – ImprintItems'
Subject: RE: Quotes
Can you please put me in contact with a manager. You did not address all of my questions below and the quotes are all incorrect.

From: Jon – ImprintItems
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 10:09 AM
To: tiffany.carder
Subject: RE: Quotes

The $16.19 pc price is only valid for 500 pcs

The 100 pc pricing is shown below

To approve this order for production and/or provide payment CLICK HERE.
Item Information
Item # Item Desc. Qty Item Cost Amount
GGLB Golf Globe Game 100 $17.790 $1,779.00
Color: Blue
Item Details:

Additional Order Costs
Item Item Desc. Qty Item Cost Amount
Setup Charge / Screen Fee 1 Color Imprint 1 50.000 $50.00
Shipping Shipping via Ground within CA 92627 1 309.870 $309.87
CA Service Charge Product Delivered to CA Address 1 213.000 $213.00
Total Order Cost: $2,351.87


From: Tiffany Carder
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 12:07 PM
To: Jon – ImprintItems
Subject: RE: Quotes

Ok, heres the breakdown of quote I received, none of the numbers make sense:
Also, what is the CA Service Charge?

500: $16.19
Shipping: $1289
Service Charge: $972

100: $17.79
Shipping: $309.87
Service Charge: $213

100: $16.19
Shipping: $1289
Service Charge: $295

50: $19.90
Shipping: $157.84
Service Charge: $123

Are these numbers arbitrary? How can shipping and service charges be different for the same quantity of items?

From: Jon – ImprintItems
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 9:52 AM
To: tiffany.carder
Subject: RE: Quotes


Sorry, the $16.19 is the 500 pc price

I will correct that one and resend


From: Tiffany Carder
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 11:49 AM
To: Jon – ImprintItems
Subject: Quotes

Hi Jon,

Im a little confused about the quote I have received from you. One lists 100 @ $17.79, total cost $2351.87 sand another lists 100 @ $16.19, total cost $3253.00. Can you please explain??


3 years ago

Horrible business person running this company. I requested a quote for promotional items in multiple quantities. Jon (apparently the owner which is frightening) sent me several incorrect quotes where costs per item, shipping costs were changing for the same quantity. When I asked to speak to a manager as I thought I was dealing with an entry level customer service rep who didn't know what they were doing, I got a call from an angry Jon who refused to apologize for his own mistake, and instead started berating me for having the nerve to ask to speak to a manager, and told me he didn't want my business because I would just be another one of his "pain in the a**" customers. WOW – don't know if I've ever come into contact with such a level of unprofessional in my 20+ years in marketing – BE WARNED!

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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