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1 year ago

I signed up for swimming lessons with my little one and was falsely informed that I would be able to use the splash pool before and after the lesson (I was chuffed as driving all the way, hassle of changing and everything for a 20 minute lesson made this offer more worth it). A week ago, after the lesson however, I came across a member of staff, Riley (very very young looking male) who kept saying that I could not enter the splash pool unless I was a platinum member. On that day ( and every time before then) I used the splash pool for a few minutes before the lesson and no-one challenged it. Then Riley came on his "watch". His behaviour was rude, arrogant and unacceptable and highly embarrassing as he kept shouting that I should leave whilst there was another lessons going on, whilst holding the little one in my arms. After changing, I requested to speak to a manager on duty. Mat appeared understanding, said that he knows about Riley's behaviour and that he was already under disciplinary. He promised to deal with him and assured me that I was welcome to use the splash pool before and after the swimming lesson. Sadly, the situation was repeated today, as I tried to go into splash pool after the lesson. Riley, who was not even on the duty in that area came over, and kept saying again, that I wasn't allowed to go into the splash pool. I spoke to a manager again, different person to last week but this time I was asked to pay 4.20拢 on top of swimming lessons fee to take my child into the splash pool because apparently only the child can use the pool for free outside lessons. This is a rip of as obviously my child cannot use the pool without me and the lessons would end up costing me over 40拢 per month. As for Riley, this man's aggressive behaviour makes me doubt that he would be able to help in a calm manner, should anything actually happen in the water. This man should not be allowed to work with people at all as he lacks basic manners and people's skills. As for facilities, the pool is dirty, changing area is a disgrace and on a couple of occasions, there were candy wrappers and bits of food on the side of the splash pool, one time, there was even no light in the area switched on upon my arrival and the area was not ready at all. I cancelled the swimming lessons now, but unfortunately they run for another month due to notice, otherwise I would not set a foot in that place again!!!


1 year ago

Fuming !!! Been a member for 10 years tried to cancel membership and get a nasty email from a debt collection agency … despite trying to phone on several occasions


1 year ago

Never having been to the gym I joined Blackshots, Grays and was really excited. This soon ended because, there is no support at all. The swimming pool changing area look dirty . Noticing that I was attending less and less and paying a lot of money. I stopped the membership since I had been made to believe I was on a contract free membership.
The staff were so rude and the manager was worse . I made a complaint but, before I knew it I had a recovery company asking me to pay a ridiculous amount of money.
Please avoid avoid impulse leisure centre Blackshots.


2 years ago

I use this centre to attend a pole fitness class which has been established there for the last seven years. In the last two months my class has been cancelled due to this venue "double booking" and giving my instructor little to no notice whatsoever. When asked for a refund they declined.

As an event organiser by profession, this kind of attitude and poor business acumen would make me want to AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID!

It seems the establishment does not care how they treat people let alone care about their commitments to the businesses that use their facilities.

I would be intrigued to know why they keep double booking the space when quite clearly for the last seven year it has been used by the same instructor. Unfortunately, given how they treat inquiries, I doubt an answer will ever be given. I suspect the problem lies with the Management/Booking team.


2 years ago

After moving to a new area, my wife and I were keen to join a gym, so we did kind of rush into this and we joined impulse leisure at Blackshots, Grays. After being there for only 1 month, I know that I made the wrong choice. There is a minimum contract length of 6 months so they鈥檝e got you! Plus you have to buy a key to make all the machines work, that is a con!
The gym doesn鈥檛 appear to be cleaned regularly, there are sweat marks on the machines. The staff are generally helpful and polite however I question their physical eduction knowledge, I can鈥檛 say that for all staff, only the members of staff that I have spoken with. The changing room could do with a complete makeover, some lockers have people鈥檚 personal padlocks, there is a communal shower and the whole changing room just doesn鈥檛 look 鈥榗lean鈥? The changing rooms do actually have all the facilities required but they鈥檙e just not up to scratch.

My wife鈥檚 membership is 拢45 per month plus a joining fee of around 拢50, although she has access at anytime, she only wanted to use the gym. That option is not available so she also needed to pay for the classes and swimming pool, she doesn鈥檛 swim!

My membership is 拢16 per month, again with a joining fee of around 拢50. This allows me access to the gym between the hours of 1pm – 4pm, daily, or so I thought! I had difficulty entering the gym on Friday which prompted the letter below!

I hope that you find this review helpful!

Dear sir/Madam,

I currently hold a lunchtime memebership which I would like to cancel!

I arrived at Blackshots at approximately 15:10 on Friday 13th April, my key card wouldn鈥檛 allow me to enter. The lady on reception told me that she would let me in this time but normally I cannot use the gym after 3pm. Obviously I queried this because the membership states that I will have access between 1pm and 4pm. The receptionist went on to tell me that I need at least 1 hour to do a good workout and that would take me past 4pm, therefore I would be using the gym out of membership hours. I asked, on who鈥檚 authority or guidance can she claim that I need 1 hour to do a workout? I don鈥檛 need 1 hour! All this was done in front of an audience, many people were queuing to enter and I found this highly embarrassing!
I proceeded into the gym, did my workout, showered, and was still out before 4pm, then I went immediately to the membership sales person and told her that I would like to cancel my membership!
I explained that if I pay for the hours between 1 – 4pm, I expect to have access to all equipment during that time. If I want a shower only, at 3:45, I expect to be able to use it, BECAUSE I鈥橵E PAID FOR THAT TIME!

I would like to cancel my membership immediately and I am considering cancelling my wife鈥檚 membership too, hers is 拢45 per month.
I would like this message to serve as notice to cancel and I do not want to continue with impulse leisure after the 6 month contract has finished! Please confirm in writing, receipt of this request.


John Walker.


6 years ago

The gym is quiet well equipped with semi modern machines and technology although would benefit with some tlc. There are many other facilities on site including a pool, theatre etc. There is a large car park although at busy times this can become very congested. Unfortunately after that my review is not very complimentary. The gym is not particularly clean. Whilst vacuuming appears to be carried out quiet efficiently the machines are very often very dirty/stained and covered in dried perspiration. You need to take your own wipes to clean the machine before use as more often than not the wipes supposedly supplied are empty. Most often either one or two machines are out of order and/or the attached tv's do not work correctly. The sound system is poor and as the musac is very loud, distorts and is at times very intrusive and uncomfortable. Don't expect a smile when going there most of the staff seem completely disinterested and do not appear to be happy with their work. Impossible to speak to anybody in charge or with authority.

Is Impulseleisure legit or scam? Can I trust Impulseleisure?

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