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6 months ago

Shocking service. Our holiday was cancelled and so emailed 3 times to ask about changing date of car park. Never got a reply. Lost the money. Won't use again


7 months ago

AWFUL!!!!! We had just arrived and waiting for our pickup, had to call 24 times to get them to answer the phone, driver said he was there 2 mins ago and that we were lying about standing there for 15 mins waiting.
Once he drove back to get us, gave me awful abuse in the mini van, shouted at me and screamed I should get my facts right and said that I had called him a liar when I hadn鈥檛, I ignored him and cried. NEVER will I use this company again. Also reckless driving and on the phone whilst driving. Did not feel safe.


1 year ago

Went with this company due to the cheapest option. Regret my decision now. In return we waited 25 mins in the cold for the shuffle bus. In return to my car, my battery had died, steering belt was broken and my front registration plate was cracked. 3hrs later we finally got home after getting towed by RAC but its cost 180 so far plus the cost of a new belt. Would recommend people pay more and don't you leave your car with these


1 year ago

They damaged my car inside – a deep scratch on a wheel player button, and outside – a crack on a passenger mirror shell. Player and other settings were changed. It looks like they took my car for a fun ride.
Not to mention additional 拢3 per person transfer charges.
After reading other reviews I guess there is no point even to speak to them.
Disgusting service. Avoid.


1 year ago

This place is unprofessional and as dodgy as they come: Staff were rude and arrogant, scummy little office, disgusting filth ridden toilet, unmarked vehicles doing the airport runs. I parked my car here as the website duped me into thinking it was similar to other airport carparks I've used at manchester (which were decent) and the price was cheapest. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE PAY MORE FOR OFFICIAL AIRPORT PARKING. They scraped all round the back of my bumper and have basically told to f*#k off as i cant prove it was them and have no photos before i dropped it off. You have to leave your key with them and they BLOCK PARK the cars which is why they are always moving them and why so many scrapes happen. I have been lied to, promised call backs, had emails ignored, refused names of owner or manager. So what i thought was cheap reputable parking has given me a terrible customer experience and has ended up COSTING ME 100S OF POUNDS!!! just to get my car back in the state i left it with this cowboy outfit. NEVER AGAIN and reading other reviews this is all too familiar!!! Businesses like this giving scousers a bad name. Shame on you.


1 year ago


Where to start? The toytown website which CLEARLY states that transfers are 100% FREE, once you've paid for your reservation there is 'nothing else to pay' – only to check the vehicle into a dishevelled car park cabin to be told that 拢3 is needed, right now!

You can't pay by card, of course not, scams don't operate in such a way.

The BS justification of 'parking costs' at the airport are LAUGHABLE, there were 9 people in the bus, thats 拢27 in parking fees, the little old bus pays just 拢3 and they've got the cheek to remark that the airport is ripping people off charging 拢3, whilst they're pocketing 拢24 profit

They level of professionalism is so POOR, even the confirmation email has the WRONG POSTCODE, when I called up needing further directions (to the correct address), the level of service was abhorrent. When I mentioned this at check in – the answer – 'yeah its always been wrong' – then F*CK1NG CHANGE IT!!!

When the car was returned, it had a dent in the bonnet – the staff didn't care, the female in the cabin was, to be clear, a moron and thats being gentle. When asked for a receipt for the 拢3, a scrap of paper was given with child like handwriting 'paid us 3 quid for parking' (head in hands).

Needless to say, when calling to speak to someone in charge (or with a 2 digit IQ), I was assured a call back would be received. Wasn't received.



1 year ago

We had a very bad experience here. When we picked up our car we found pieces of paper stuck inside the passenger window. Upon removing them, the window fell down and wouldn't go back up. No one would help, the receptionist said, "there was no damage report attached to the key", the manager came out and was rude and aggressive, claiming it "wasn't their paper" (??!) and it was 'obviously' our fault the window was broken. (Though we left the car in perfectly good condition a week earlier.) When my husband asked for a claim form, she said they didn't have such a thing. We had to drive home (45min) with no window. Window regulator was broken-probably because someone had left the key inside, closed the door and the car self locked. Instead of getting assistance or waiting for our return, someone broke in to 'fix' it. Mechanic's bill – 80 quid. No reply to our letters requesting reimbursement. We'd never go back to such a horrible business where customers are abused and their cars damaged. Don't use them to save a few pounds on parking – it could cost you much more! (And be warned: turn your key over to them and you invalidate your insurance.)


1 year ago

We arrived last night from Spain rang the office the bus was there in minutes but my wife has a mobility scooter which fitted in the mini bus that got us to the airport but wouldn鈥檛 fit in this one ,,so i left my wife to go and get the car and return to pick her up ,,on the way to collect my car the driver contacted the office and said to make sure my car was at the front .I was away before the other people were off the bus ,,as I had no cash he gave me the 拢3 exit fee THANKS


1 year ago

拢3 Supplement
They now charge an extra 拢3 (not included in your quote) to cover the cost of entry to the Airport for drop off. You are only told about this after payment of your original quote has been paid and is charged on arrival. Very unethical as their charge is supposed to include transfers.
We were away for 11 days and the the car was covered in thick dust when we returned. My trip meter showed the car had done 0.4 miles.
I suspect they are still using their previous site for parking where the buildings are being demolished.


1 year ago

Used In2 car park several times with no problems and good value for money until 2018.
They moved site and I parked up for 3 weeks. On return picked up my car and could not see through windscreen. Tried washer and could just see through. Went as far as Morrisons and went to get something to clear the screen better.
Finally got home to the East Coast and examined the car. The bodywork was covered with a sandy grit and it looked as though it had been parked in a chemical factory. I tried for 3 days to remove the deposit on the car using a proprietary car wash first to no avail, then tried T cut and still could not shift the deposit. I then tried another polish which also failed.
I then as had enough and phoned In 2 car parks, spoke finally to the boss who could not explain away the deposit on my car. She offered me 拢15 compensation for my cleaning product but that hardly covers the cost of the tcut that I used.
Hence my complaint.
I wonder if anyone else has had this "Fall out" problem.
Anyway, because the In2 Car Park does not appear to have an on site area to park cars I do not know how secure and safe the parking is now, and I certainly will not use them again.


2 years ago

To be fair I have used this Company several times as it WAS good value for money – THAT IS UNTIL IT GOES WRONG. I returned from holiday to discover damage to my vehicle – no one would discuss the issue and next day on phoning them all I got was a shout down from a woman who would not listen to any issue only that I had not inspected my vehicle when leaving my vehicle at 03.40 in the morning. Just how that would have solved anything I do not know !! The damage WAS incurred whilst in their custody. They reckoned that their cameras would prove or disprove if the damage was done on their premises but when I asked for the pictures all I got was another shout down – and the ignorant woman rang off twice for my trouble. The airport pick-up also took well over half an hour (and two phone calls) from a totally unprofessional outfit. Probably nothing I can do but pay for the damage myself but they have lost me as a customer… I say worked OK till it went wrong.


2 years ago

I used twice. both times all good. quick transfer to the airport and back. helpful staff, my battery went flat . they had booster cables and started the engine . thank . will park there again


3 years ago

I had written my car off on the way to in2carparks, was still drivable so carried on to destination and left car at reception for insurance company to pick up.The guys were so helpful and I am very grateful for their understanding and help. I still had to get my flight with my family and the guys dropped us at the airport and even offered to pick us up on return, but managed to get a family member to pick us up. Definite 5 star for customer service thank you. Would recommend you use their service.

Is In2carparksliverpool legit or scam? Can I trust In2carparksliverpool?

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