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1 year ago

DON'T BUY !! DON'T BUY !! DON'T BUY !! Read to the end first
If you don't want to lose your money, don't buy! Read to the end first;

I bought a device from them around 2 months ago, the device's price was $599 but because I'm not American citizen they sold me the same device for $1500 and this was the first mark telling me that I'm getting robbed.

The second mark was two months later after I got the device, I was using it normally, like once or twice a day for 30 min maximum, after exactly 2 months from receiving the device, the motors got locked. I contacted them and explained what happened, they told me that this is because of the water. I tried to explain that I'm sure that no water went inside the device or even close to touching the device but they didn't even care to listen.

Later, I asked them to provide me with solutions especially because I have a 1-year warranty, they said that they will be able to send me a deck without the motors or anything, just the wooden board with the ESC installed inside but I will have to pay $500 + shipping cost to my address. which is obviously theft as I bought the device 2 months ago for $1500 and I have a 1-year warranty.

The third mark was their customer service, I have never been experiencing such bad customer service, here is how bad my experience was;

I explained the situation using the online chat and they asked me to write an email to the support so I did, the next day I got a response telling me that this is because of the water. I explained and provided them with proof that this isn't a water problem and it's a manufacturing problem.

24 hours later they told me to send a video for the device and explain the problem again, I did exactly what they asked me but they didn't respond back for almost 72 hours, I had to contact them using the chat again, they said that they had been doing a seminar and no one was free to respond.

I asked for a solution again but they said that unfortunately, they have no solution other than selling me a new deck that costs $500 and I will pay for the shipping, I tried to explain that the new device itself is listed in their website for $599 in total but they said "No, we don't sell it anymore" so I asked "then why it's still listed in your website?" they said "No, we don't sell it and we won't even stock it". Also, they told me that after buying the deck may be the motors won't work so I would have to buy a new motor that costs $250 per one.

I just want everyone to read my experience with them, maybe I could save someone from getting robbed.

Finally, anyone needs to know more about my experience or see all the conversation between me and them, just email me and I will give you everything that proves to you that they are thieves.

Mahmoudmonem0 at Gmail

Is Inboard legit or scam? Can I trust Inboard?

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