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11 years ago

I had a review here from November 2009 but I've decided to remove it, as I'm now informed that the company behind this website, ML International or possibly ML Web Group, I'm not too clear, has ceased trading permanently due to problems caused by the recession.

Additionally, the website itself has been taken offline along with, I hope, every other site associated with the scheme. So there's no longer a need to warn people about it, it's dead in the water.

As a result, there appears to be no recourse for anyone who paid money to this website or any of the others in this scheme and got nothing back when the ship went down. So there's no point in the review any longer, except maybe to note in passing that it would have been decent if someone had given the victims their money back, being as it is, such a small amount. Ah well, that's business for you.


11 years ago

Same here. I paid 拢123, Phone line dead and no product. Stay clear. Taking legal action!

Update Jan 10 . Bought the item Nov 09 still nothing. Funny enough neither the site or ml international website are running. Have they been taken down? Got a reply from the owner on another review site, stating he would be in contact about my order and that was that, no more contact from them. So quite sure they have scammed me, or the worse customer service in history.


11 years ago

steer well clear of these fraudsters,i was robbed of 拢84.00 can,t get in touch with them their phone numbers are dead,i am now having to report them to my bank.

Is Inboxretail legit or scam? Can I trust Inboxretail?

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